Environmental Information Summaries (EIS)

This publication series consists of brief descriptions, often with sample illustrations, of publications, tabulations, manuscript records and applications of data available at NCDC.

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  • C-1  C-1  Weather Records in Private Litigation   (1.0M)
  • C-2   Local Climatological Data
  • C-3   Wind Chill
  • C-4   Climate and Relocation
  • C-5   Temperature & Precipitation Extremes in the U.S.
  • C-6   Hourly Observations and Summary of Day Data (Surface-Land)
  • C-7   Marine Weather Observations
  • C-8   Winds Aloft Computation Sheet - Winds Aloft Summary Form
  • C-9   Upper Air Observations - Summary of Constant Pressure
  • C-10  Radar Weather Observations
  • C-11  Cooperative Observers Climatological Observations
  • C-12  Wind Direction vs. Speed Tabulations
  • C-13  Ceiling Visibility Wind Tabulations
  • C-14  Heating and Cooling Degree Days
  • C-15  Index of Original Surface Weather Records
  • C-16  Environmental Satellite Data & Information
  • C-17  Climatography of the U.S. Publication Series
  • C-18  Solar Radiation Data
  • C-19  Heat Stress (Thermal Comfort Indices)
  • C-20  Winter Indoor Comfort
  • C-21  Annual Average Climatic Maps of the U.S.
  • C-22  Selected Climatological Publications
  • C-23 1971-2000 Climatic Normals   (122K)
  • C-24  Historical Climatology Series
  • C-25  Service Records Retention System
  • C-26  Climatography of the United States No. 20: Climatic Summaries for Selected Sites
  • C-28  Climatography of the United States No. 84: Daily Normals and Precipitation Probabilities
  • C-29  Climate Change Issues
  • C-30  NOAA Wind Profiler Demonstration Network