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Storm Data and Unusual Weather Phenomena contain a chronological listing, by state, of hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms, hail, floods, drought conditions, lightning, high winds, snow, temperature extremes and other weather phenomena. The reports are provided by the National Weather Service and contain statistics on personal injuries and damage estimates. STORM DATA is a publication of the National Climatic Data Center. Samples of this and other NCDC publications can be found on the Samples of Our Most Popular Publications page. A list of zones is available in PDF format in the Forecast Zone Table.

The publications listed below are available in Portable Document Format (PDF). These files are device and resolution independent. These files can reviewed, navigated and printed from a workstation, a PC, or a Macintosh using FREE Acrobat Reader software from Adobe Systems Inc. Versions of Acrobat Reader run on DOS, Windows, Macintosh and Unix systems.

The PDF Viewer is required to view and/or print these files. You can download Acrobat Reader free of charge from Adobe at Once you have completed the installation procedures, viewing and printing PDF files is quite simple. Please take a few minutes to do this if you haven't already.

To install the Acrobat Reader, several steps must be taken.

  1. Download the software. NCDC does not include the software at this site because of the ever changing status of software. By providing you the link to the source, you will be able to get the latest software available at any given time. Support for the software can also be obtained from the same source.

    As stated above, the software may be downloaded from Adobe at Instructions for downloading are also located at this site.

  2. Install the software. Instructions for installing the software are also located at the download site. Generally, the downloaded file is a self-extracting executable and you just run it to install.

  3. Configure your browser. The last step is to configure your browser to include the Acrobat Reader as a plug-in. This varies from browser to browser so you may need to consult the help files for your browser. In Netscape, you can select Options/General Preferences/Helpers or you can download your first PDF file and select the application at that time.

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  • 1996 (file size: 704 kb)
  • 1997 (file size: 390 kb)
  • 1998 (file size: 753 kb)
  • 1999 (file size: 763 kb)
  • 2000 (file size: 783 kb)
  • 2001 (file size: 791 kb)
  • 2002 (file size: 789 kb)
  • 2003 (file size: 778 kb)
  • 2004 (file size: 1368 kb)
  • 2005 (file size: 850 kb)
  • 2006 (file size: 1072 kb)
  • 2007 (file size: 739 kb)
  • 2008 (file size: 1109 kb)
  • 2009 (file size: 610 kb)

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