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New Jersey Drought

National Climatic Data Center, 14 May 2002

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Statewide Precipitation Ranks
for New Jersey, 2001-2002
Period Rank
Apr 41st wettest
( 68th driest)
Mar-Apr 35th wettest
( 74th driest)
Feb-Apr 28th driest
Jan-Apr 18th driest
Dec-Apr 10th driest
Nov-Apr 2nd driest
Oct-Apr 2nd driest
Sep-Apr 2nd driest
Aug-Apr 2nd driest
Jul-Apr 1st driest
Jun-Apr 3rd driest
May-Apr 4th driest
Graphic showing New Jersey statewide precipitation departures, January 1998 - April 2002
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Graphic showing New Jersey Statewide Palmer Hydrological Drought Index, January 1900 - April 2002
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