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Climate of 2000
September in Historical Perspective

National Climatic Data Center
16 October 2000

Global Blended Temperature Product
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The blended satellite and in-situ temperature product above, shows several large monthly anomalies across the globe. The largest contrast in temperatures for the second month in a row was across North America. Cold anomalies were noted across much of western Canada, Alaska and along both coasts of the U.S. In contrast, the central Plains of the U.S. experienced some of the warmest anomalies found on the globe. Across the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, warm anomalies were observed over parts of western and central Europe, eastern Mongolia and northeast China and Japan. Cool anomalies were noted across much of Africa and European Russia, and over most of the land areas south of the equator. Eastern Australia and New Zealand were notable exceptions, as these areas had warm temperature anomalies. In fact, in Sydney, Australia the temperature hit 34.5 C during the Olympic Games on September 29th, the warmest September reading in the last 35 years. Additional details and global regional information are available in other sections of this report.
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