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Climate of 2000
October in Historical Perspective

National Climatic Data Center
15 November 2000

Global Blended Temperature Product
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The blended satellite and in-situ temperature product above, shows several large monthly anomalies across the globe. Large positive anomalies were noted across parts of eastern Europe and western Russia with some locations reporting anomalies greater that 4C for the month. Additional warm anomalies were noted over the central and eastern United States, portions of south Africa, and southeast South America. In contrast, coldest anomalies were noted across a large area stretching from the Caspian Sea, eastward across central Asia into northeast China. Temperatures plunged as low as -44C at Ojmjakon, Russia at 65 degrees north; the average low temperature in October in this region is about -19C. Additional cool anomalies were noted over parts of Australia, north Africa and parts of the southwestern United States. Additional details and global regional information are available in other sections of this report.
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