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Selected U.S. City Extremes

Selected Climate Statistics City Location- 1998

January           Mobile, Al--Wettest January 16.92"

March             5 states  (Maine [88], New Hampshire [89], Vermont [88], Massachusetts, [92]
                   Connecticut[92]) set all-time state maximum temperature records for March

June              Driest June--Melbourne (.11")/Orlando (.36")
May-June          College Stn, TX-- Driest for each month (.07" and Trace)
April-June        Corpus Christi, TX--driest such period (.31")
June              Paducah, KY (10.98"); Nashville, Tn (11.95"); Elkins, Wv (10.05")  Wettest June
June              Record mean temp for June and/or any month for stations in Florida
                   (Example Tampa--85.6; record begins in 1825)
June              Corpus Christi, TX    (106)  Hottest ever
                  Dodge City, KS         (110) Hottest ever
                  Brownsville, TX--17 days with min >= 80 degrees; breaks record set in 1880
June              Blue Hill--wettest June (17.36")

July              Waterloo, IA    Driest July (.35")
July              Memphis, TN Wettest July (9.96")
July              Del Rio (91.7), Austin (88.0), San Antonio (88.1), Tx; Shreveport, La (88.5) --
                   warmest July and any month
July              College Stn, TX        30 consecutive days (ending with Aug 4) with  max >=100
                   sets annual record
July              Corpus Christi, TX    41 days (ending with Aug 15) with max >= 95 sets annual
July              Little Rock, Ar  (76.4)     Warmest average min temp for any month
May-July          Houston, TX            Warmest such period (83.6)
March-July        Brownsville, TX      Driest such period (.97")
April-July        Lubbock, TX               "       "        "       (1.98")

August            Sacramento, CA-- (111) ties hottest Aug maximum
August            Bismarck, ND   wettest Aug (9.29")
August            Del Rio, TX    Wettest month (20.93), wettest day (17.03)
August            Dallas, TX   By August, record number of annual days min temp >= 80

Sept              Bristol, TN   97 degrees hottest so late in year
Sept              Marquette, MI-- 92 degrees ties hottest Sept temperature
Sept              Winnemucca, NV-- wettest Sept (2.81") and wettest day for Sept (1.04")
Sept              Eugene, Or--By Sept, longest dry spell (83 days)
Sept              Jackson, KY--Warmest Sept (73.5)
Sept              Glasgow, WY--Warmest Sept (65.8)
Sept              Mansfield, OH--Driest Sept (.70")
Sept              Aberdeen, SD --2nd driest Sept [.06"]  (to be followed by wettest Oct)
Sept              Paducah, KY--tied for driest Sept (.12")
Sept              Mobile, Al--Wettest Sept (24.12")
Sept              Dodge City, KS--Driest Sept (.01")
May-Sept          Little Rock, AR--Warmest such period (81.8)
Sept              Oklahoma City, OK (107); Wichita Falls (108), Dallas, TX (108); Scottsbluff. NE
                   (102)  hottest Sept temp

October           Wichita, KS   Wettest Oct (9.42")
October           New Orleans, LA (97)  Hottest temp for Oct
October           Glasgow, MT      Wettest Oct (3.05")
October           Aberdeen, SD          "        "   (7.35")
October           San Antonio, TX    "        "   (18.07") and wettest month
October           Rapid City, SD       "        "    (5.06")

November          Minnesota--lowest barometric pressure on record (28.43")
November          Seattle, WA--wettest Nov (11.62")
November          Astoria, OR       "          "    (19.60")
November          Victoria, TX     "           "   (10.11")

During an unprecedented warm spell in the first 2 weeks of December, many city and state records for
warmth were established in the Midwest and Northeast.  Preliminary reports indicate that at least 7
states (Wisconsin, Michigan, Rhode Is, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine) set all
time high temperature records for December and 2 other states (New York, North Carolina) tied their all-
time December high temperature.  This state count may increase as additional data for the month
becomes available in January.

In addition 78 monthly record maximum temperatures were set at major urban areas, many with data
period of record starting in the 1870s.  Some examples are:

Washington DC      76 degrees on Dec 4 breaking the old record of 75 followed by
                   78 degrees on Dec 6 and
                   79 degrees on Dec 7

Philadelphia, PA   73 degrees on Dec 4 breaking the old record of 72 followed by
                   73 degrees on Dec 7

Wilmington, NC     81 degrees on Dec 6 tying the old record followed by
                   82 degrees on Dec 7

Minneapolis, MN    68 degrees on Dec 1

Detroit, MI        69 degrees on Dec 6

Portland, ME       71 degrees on Dec 7
Other records of note:

Atlanta, GA        Dec 18 first freeze-- latest of record
Indianapolis, IN   Dec 21 first snowfall-- latest of record
Little Rock, AR    Dec 21 freeze--latest of record
                           283 consecutive days since Mar 13 freeze--longest of record
Cheyenne, WY       75 mph peak gust--highest for Dec
Syracuse, NY       Dec 11 first measurable snowfall--latest of record
                   The Mar 23, 1998 snowfall at Syracuse was the earliest last
                    measurable snowfall of record.  In combination with the Dec 11 snowfall,
                    this is the longest # days without snowfall in Syracuse since records began
                    in 1902.
Buffalo, NY        Lake Erie water temperature of 49 degrees on Dec 9 was the warmest Dec 9
                    temperature in the 75 years of record.

Although not occurring in Dec, during the early portion of the warm spell that began in late November,
many  locations established daily  high minimum records that in many cases exceeded the old record by
over 20 degrees. For example, the low temperature at Rochester, MN on Nov 29 was 54 degrees,
breaking the old record of 33 degrees.  Also, locations in the Northeast and Midwest established daily
high maximum records that in many cases occurred in the early morning hours without benefit of daily
heating. For example, Lansing, MI set a high maximum record on Nov 30 of 63 degrees at 201 AM.

Annual                Marquette, Mi   Warmest year of record
Annual                Little Rock, Ar  Warmest year of record, (65.5)  warmest ave min temp of
                           record (56.3)
Annual                Winnemucca, Nv    Wettest year (15.63")
Annual                Melbourne, Fl   Warmest year of record (74.2)
Annual                Bakersfield, Ca   Wettest year of record (13.30")
Annual                New Orleans, La Warmest year of record (70.9)
Annual                La Crosse, Wi   Warmest year of record (51.7)
Annual                Aberdeen, Sd Wettest year of record (28.30" as of Nov 11)
Annual                Blue Hill, Ma Wettest year of record (71.00")
Annual                Blue Hill, Ma Warmest year of record (50.8)
Annual                Barrow, Ak  Average of 17.1 is new annual record average temp breaking old
                           record by 3.7 degrees)

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