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The major parameters in this file are sequential "Time Biased Corrected" state climatic division monthly Average Temperatures (Deg.F. to 10ths), Precipitation (Inches to 100ths), and Palmer Drought Indices (PDSI, PHDI, PMDI, and ZNDX). Period of record is 1895 through latest month available, updated monthly.

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The Climate Division database's nationally averaged temperatures (records beginning with "11002") in the file "drd964x.tmpst.txt" that were provided via this web page from late 2001 through February 2003 had been partially overwritten with data from the USHCN database. This error resulted in a national trend for the contiguous US that was similar to the trend based on USHCN data. The trend for the contiguous US calculated from climate division data is approximatelt 0.03F/decade less than the trend calculated using USHCN adjusted data. All nationally averaged climate division temperatures were recalculated and placed in file "drd964x.tmpst.txt" on February 28, 2003.

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NCDC, 1994, Time Bias Corrected Divisional Temperature-Precipitation-Drought Index. Documentation for dataset TD-9640. Available from DBMB, NCDC, NOAA, Federal Building, 37 Battery Park Ave. Asheville, NC 28801-2733. 12pp.

Karl, Thomas R., Williams, Claude N., Young, Pamela J., and Wendland, Wayne M. January 1986: A Model to Estimate the Time of Observation Bias Associated With Monthly Mean Maximum, Minimum and Mean Temperatures for the United States, Journal of Climate and Applied Meteorology.

Heddinghause, Thomas R., and Sabol, Paul. 1991: A Review of the Palmer Drought Severity Index and Where Do We Go From Here, Proceedings of the Seventh Conference on Applied Climatology, pp. 242-246.

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