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Integrated Surface Database

ISD Quality Control

ISD Version 1 was released in 2001, with Version 2 (additional quality control applied) in 2003. Since 2003, there have been continued incremental improvements in automated quality control (QC) software. The input sources used in ISD were previously processed through automated and some manual QC; then additional QC software were developed and applied to the entire ISD archive. This includes algorithms checking for: proper data format for each field, extreme values/limits, consistency between parameters, and continuity between observations (eg, for temperature). More detailed information regarding the QC is provided in the following report.

  • Lott, N., 2004: The quality control of the integrated surface hourly database. 84th American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, 2004, Seattle, WA, American Meteorological Society, Boston, MA, 7.8 (7p.) [ PDF ]
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