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Integrated Surface Database


ISD-Lite is a data product derived from the full Integrated Surface Data (ISD) with the goal of making ISD easier to work with for general research and scientific purposes. It is a subset of the full ISD containing eight common surface parameters in a fixed-width format free of duplicate values, sub-hourly data and complicated flags.

Access to ISD-Lite is currently available only via FTP in compressed ASCII format. Free access is restricted to .edu, .gov and .mil domains. Other domains can access ISD-Lite data with subscription to the full ISD FTP Site. For more information on access and subscriptions to ISD and ISD-Lite, please see the NCDC Online Data Access Policy site.

ISD-Lite Data Access

  • ISD-Lite FTP Site
    Access to ISD-Lite data, organized by year and station in compressed ASCII files. (free for .edu, .gov, .mil domains)
  • ISD-Lite Technical Document (ASCII | PDF)
    Documentation on ISD-Lite duplicate removal procedures. Available in ASCII and PDF versions.
  • ISD-Lite Format Documentation (ASCII | PDF)
    Documentation on ISD-Lite data format. Available in ASCII and PDF versions.
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