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July 2002

Source NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices and compiled by NCDC.
Last Updated - August 6, 2002

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July Station or State Monthly Records
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1. The low temperature at Marquette, MI was 74 degrees on July 1st, 2002. This high minimum temperature ties the record for the warmest minimum on a calendar day. The other 74 degree reading occurred on June 28, 1971.

2. All time record daily high temperatures tied or broken at 50 stations in seven Western states of MT, NV, OR, CA, UT, CO, and WY during July 10-14th, 2002. The heat wave was impressive for its intensity and duration. These records were compiled by USDA/WAOB from information provided by the National Weather Service and the Western Regional Climate Center. At Boise, ID four consecutive highs at or above 105 (from July 10-13) are unmatched (previous record: two in a row most recently on August 5-6, 1990). See the listing of new all-time maximum temperature records . 3. July 31st marked the 19th day this year that the temperatures reached or exceeded the century mark at Grand Junction, CO. This is the most in any year since records began in 1893. The previous record was 17 days back in 1994. Fourteen of the 100 or better days occurred in July 2002, breaking a 101 year record of the most reported in any July. On two of those days (13th and 143th) the high temperature was 105 degrees, tying the all time record high for the station.

4. July 2002 was the warmest July ever at Salt Lake City, UT. The monthly mean temperature was 81.9 degrees F., which broke the old record of 81.2 degrees set in July 1960. The normal mean July temperature is 77.0 degrees. Also, the all time record high was also tied this month reaching 107 degrees on July 13th, 2002. 5. The July 2002 monthly average temperature was 94.5 degrees F. at Las Vegas, NV. This is a new record, breaking the old record of 93.4 degrees set in 1959 and tied in 1989. Also, the monthly average of 94.5 degrees is the highest monthly average ever recorded since official records began in 1937.


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1. Rainfall at Abilene, TX during July 2002 reached 8.04 inches an all time record. The previous wettest July was back in 1938 when 7.95 inches of rain fell.

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1. None Reported.

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