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September 2001

Source NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices and compiled by NCDC. Last Updated 10/09/2001

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September Station or State Monthly Records
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1. September 2001 was the warmest September ever recorded in Phoenix, Arizona. The monthly average temperature was 92.2 degrees F. which was 6.6 F above normal. The previous record high average monthly temperature was 91.0 F set in 1983.

2. As of September 29th, 2001, no temperature below 40 degrees F. was observed this fall season in Glascow, MT. This is the latest such occurrence evere observed and broke the previous record of September 28th which occurred in 1963. Temperatures fell below 40 degrees F. on October 3rd, 2001.

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This year was the driest water year on record in much of northwest Oregon. The water year is the total accumulation of precipitation between October 1st and September 30th of the following year. The water year was the driest for Astoria, Portland and Eugene, all in Oregon. Precipitation for this water year was 44.79, 23.00 amd 20.36 inches respectively. The normal amounts were 66.40, 26.30 and 49.37 inches , prior driest water year records were 45.51 set in 1976-1977, 23.84 set in 1976-1977 and 23.68 set in 1923-1924. Records began in 1953 at Astoria, 1871 at Portland and 1891 at Eugene.

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1. None Reported.

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1. None Reported.

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1. None Reported.

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