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November 2001

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November Station or State Monthly Records
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1. The temperature on November 18th, 2001 reached 60 degrees F. at Marquette, Michigan. This broke the record high for the date of 56 degrees set in 1979 but also was the latest day in Autumn that the temperature has reached 60 degrees F. Weather records for the station date back to 1961.

2. The low temperature at Albuquerque, NM fell to 31 degrees F. on November 20th, 2001. This is the latest first freeze on record for the city's official weather observation site. The previous record for latest fall freeze was recorded on November 17th, 1962. November 20th also marked the end of the longest growing season on record. The period of freeze free weather lasted 249 days- from March 16th through November 19th. The previous record occurred in 1992 between March 21st and November 1st. The fall has also been unusually warm with October 2001 3.7 degrees above normal and November is currently running 7.1 degrees above normal.

3.The average monthly temperature for Des Moines, IA was 49.8 degrees F., this was the warmest November on record. The previous record was set in 1999 with 47.4 degrees. This November was 10.8 degrees above normal and with the exception of one day every day of the month was warmer than normal. The cities of Waterloo and Mason City (both in Iowa) also reported their warmest November on record as well with average temperatures of 45.4 and 47.9 respectively. Also the cities of Dubuque (46.6), Cedar Rapids (47.8), Burlington (50.3) and Quad Cities, IL (49.8) were all new November 2001 monthly mean temperature records.

4. The average monthly temperature at Marquette,MI was 39.9 degrees F. The was the warmest November on record, breaking the old record of 37.2 set back in 1999. Despite the warmth, 39.3 inches of snow fell making the month the fourth snowiest on record. November 2001 was also the warmest on record at Ironwood (40.9), Iron Mountain (41.1) and Michigan Tech University (43.0).

5.The average temperature for the month of November in Wausau, WI was 42.0 F. This was the warmest November on record, breaking the old record of 40.4 set in 1999. Records for the station began in 1940.

6. Fargo and Grand Forks, ND also recorded their warmest November on record this year. The monthly average temperature at Fargo was 39.7 F breaking the old record of 37.9 set in 1988. The monthly average at Grand Forks was 36.5 breaking the old record of 36.0 set in 1981.

7. The average monthly temperature at Grand Island, NE was 46.8 degrees breaking the old November record of 46.2 set in 1917. At Hastings, NE the monthly average temperature was 46.9 which is a new record, breaking the old record of 46.6 set in 1949.

8. The temperature at Rapid City, SD reached 60 degrees on the 21st. This is the 17th time during November 2001 that the maximum temperature reached or exceeded 60 degrees. The old record was 16 days in 1904 and 1999. Note that by the 28th of the month, temperatures were as low as -4 F.

9. November 2001 was the warmest November on Record in Phoenix, AX. The average monthly temperature was 68.4 degrees F., the old record was 68.0 F set back in 1999.

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1. Austin, TX station records its wettest November day on record. On November 15th, 2001 at the Austin Camp Mabry station 7.55 inches of rain fell. This shattered the daily record of 0.58 inches set in 1920. This also makes November 15th the wettest November day on record for the station. The previous wettest day was on November 23rd in 1974 when 4.62 inches of rain fell. Records for the station began in 1891. The Austin Bergstrom Airport station recorded 8.68 inches of rain on the 15th breaking a daily record.

2. Total monthly precipitation at Sioux Falls, SD was 4.66 inches for November 2001. This is a new monthly record breaking the old mark of 3.66 inches set in 1919. Also, the precipitation fell on only three days in the month, the 23rd, 24th and 26th.

3. The total monthly precipitation at Lubbock, TX was 3.45 for November 2001. This is a new monthly record breaking the old record of 2.67 set in November of 1968.

4. Salt Lake City, UT recorded 3.34 inches of precipitation in November 2001. This broke the old November record of 2.96 set in 1994.

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1. Rochester, MN received 0.4 inches of snow on November 30th, 2001. This is the latest date in the autumn that the station has received measurable snow. The previous latest date was November 29th in 1960.

2. November usually brings lake effect snow to western New York. In November 2001, the lake effect was non existent with no snowfall recorded at Buffalo, New York. Snowfall has been monitored for 122 years at the station and this was the first November with absolutely no snow. Three years did have a trace of snow in the past. It was also quite warm with a minimum low of just 31 degrees F., in fact some parts of the city near the lake have yet to see a freeze as December begins. In contrast, November 2000 saw 45.6 inches of snow which was more than 35 inches above normal.

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1. None Reported.

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1. In Bakersfield, CA the rainfall on November 12th, 2001 was 0.60 of an inch. This broke the old record of 0.25 for the day set in 1928. This record was the oldest standing weather record for the station. The new oldest standing record for Meadows Field is now the record low of February 8th of 23 degrees set in 1929.

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