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January 2001

Source NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices and compiled by NCDC. Last Updated 02/05/01

January Station or State Monthly Records
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Top Temperature / Dewpoint

1. Cold in Southern California. The high temperature on January 26th, 2000 in downtown Los Angeles, CA was 51 F. This was a record low maximum temperature for the date but more significantly it was the lowest maximum temperature at the station since January 7th, 1992 when the high temperature was also 51 F.

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1. None Reported Yet.

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1. The seasonal snowfall at Syracuse International AP, NY as on January 5th was 103.2 inches. This is the snowiest seasonal (July 2000 - June 2001) snowfall since records began in 1922. The second snowiest start was during the winter of 1995 - 1996 when 98.5 inches of snow fell during the season to January 5th. The large snowfall total this season was due to a record December 2000 snowfall of 70.3 inches. The previous record was 55.6 inches in 1989.

2. At Amarillo, TX 10.0 inches of snow was on the ground as of January 1st, 2001. This tied the maximum snow depth of 10 inches reported during January 1987. Also, for the winter season 2000 - 2001 so far (as of the 29th) a total of 43.1 inches of snow has fallen. The seasonal record is 48.7 inches and winter still have several months to go.

3. Huron, SD recorded 28.7 inches of snow this January 2001. This is a new record which broke the old record of 27.7 inches set in 1977. The seasonal snowfall is 61.3 inches with the record seasonal snowfall of 77.7 which fell in 1961 - 1962.

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1. None Reported Yet.

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None Reported yet.

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None reported yet.

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