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Climate Information Project (CIP): September 2000- Last Updated September 27th, 2000


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

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Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/05/00

Cambodia (flood) The AFP reported that the death total reached 29 after 6 individuals drowned in Prey Veng province. The worst flood in decades is occurring as the Mekong River continues to rise, threatening to spill its banks. Unusually heavy monsoon rains have reportedly triggered the flooding, and the provinces suffering the most are Compong Cham, Kratie and Prey Veng.

CHINA (typhoon) Various media sources reported that 47 are dead in 2 southern Chinese provinces as a result of typhoon Maria. The typhoon hit between the coastal cities of Huizhou and Shanwei on Friday (1st) causing the following damages in the province of Guangdong, 23 dead, 3.74 million individuals affected, 1.28 billion Yuan in damage, 7,000 houses destroyed and 122, 000 hectares of farmland damaged. In the Hunan province landslides occurred crushing buildings, and the reported losses were as follows, 24 dead, 107 million Yuan in damage, 4,500 homes destroyed and 43,850 hectares of cropland destroyed According to meteorologists Maria weakened to a tropical storm after tearing through Guangdong and Hunan.

GEORGIA (drought) The Xinhua reported that the Agriculture and Food Minister fears famine, as a record drought continues this summer. The drought has reportedly destroyed almost all grain crops and many vineyards. The Interfax News Agency quoted the Agriculture and Food Minister as reporting that the drought has caused 200 million U.S. dollars in economic loss.

ROMANIIA (drought) The Xinhua reported that Romania is suffering from its worst drought of the century. According to the Romanian Prime Minister the drought has caused a 20% decrease in farm production, a loss of approximately 500 million US dollars. Agricultural production typically counts for 15% of the gross domestic product, and according to the vice chairman of the State Statistical Commission of Romania, the decreased production will result in a drop of 3 percentage points in the GDP.

UNITED STATES (fire) The AP reported that as of Tuesday (5th) , 20 million acres of forest and grassland were to be re-opened to the public for recreational use such as hunting and fishing in Montana. According to state and federal officials the areas can be re-opened as cool rainy weather, and an increased number of fire fighters, has decreased the danger of wildfires. On Monday (4th) , 81 large fires reportedly continued to burn on 1.67 million acres in Arkansas, California, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming. So far this year 74,571 fires have burned 6.6 million acres across the U.S.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/07/00

CAMBODIA (flood)-Update OCHA reported that a state of emergency has been declared in the provinces of Stung Treng, Kratie and Kompong Cham, while current flooding is also expected to have a serious impact on the province of Takeo as well. The Xinhua reported that according to a report by the National Committee for Disaster Management, 52 individuals have died and 942 houses have been destroyed as a result of 2 recent floods. The government has, over the past few days, reportedly declared a state of emergency for all residents along the Mekong River. The water level was reported on Thursday (7th) as being 10.74m, and Phnom Penh is expected to flood if the water level reaches 11.2m.

EL SALVADOR (flood) The BBC reported that 5 days of torrential rain that resulted in 2 deaths and hundreds of individuals left homeless have caused authorities to declare a state of alert. Several rivers have reportedly burst their banks causing flooding in the central and eastern parts of the country.

THAILAND (flood) The Xinhua reported on Wednesday that according to The Nation, 9 people died as a result of flooding caused by tropical storm Kaemi, while 115 others have died from flood-caused diseases. The Thai deputy prime minister and interior minister reported that 1.9 million rai of farmland (304,000 hectares) were flooded, 304,273 families were affected and that the damage estimate is 605 million baht, or 15.1 million dollars US. Provinces in the north and northeast are still recovering from the worst of Kaemi 's effects, and the floods also reportedly led to a spread of leptospirosis.

VIETNAM (flood) Various media sources reported that floodwaters in the Mekong Delta rice bowl have increased quickly and could soon reach their highest levels in 22 years. The Nhan Dan newspaper reported that the floods could be on scale with those that occurred in 1978 and 1996. According to the Nhan Dan fears of landslides from the swollen Tien River have already caused more than 1,000 homes to be evacuated in the Dong Thap province. A meteorologist in the An Giang province told Reuters that the water level on the Tien River was 15 feet, and 13.11 feet on the Hau River Thursday morning the 7th. Both the Tien and Hau are branches of the Mekong River, and the water level in An Giang is typically used to forecast how the rest of the 12-province Mekong Delta will be affected. The river levels were reportedly 0.37m and 0.74m above Alarm Level Three, which is typically declared when low-lying regions are inundated, river dyke systems are in jeopardy and infrastructure is in danger of damage.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/08/00

AFGHANISTAN (drought) The WFP reported that displacement from the province of Ghor towards Herat city continues as a result of the severe drought.

GEORGIA (drought)-Update The FAO reported that agricultural production has decreased significantly as a result of the drought, causing a food crisis. Cereal production for the year 2000 is down, and estimated to only reach 326,000 tonnes - a 58% decrease from 1999. Six regions - Kakheti, Mtskheta Mtianeti, Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Imereti, have been the most affected by the decreased agricultural yields which have affected all crops including potatoes, fodder crops, fruits, vegetables and grapes.

INDIA (drought) The Times of India News Service reported Friday (8th) that insufficient rains in a majority of the districts of the state of Rajasthan could cause another drought situation. The state reportedly received only 11mm of rain between August 1st and August 16th. State hydrology officials reported that up to 18 districts received very low rainfall - 60% less than normal. The situation is concerning because many of the districts, Ajmer, Barmer, Bhilwara, Bundi, Chittorgarh, Churu, Hanumangarh, Jaisalmer, Jalore, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Pali, Rajsamand, Sikar, Sirohi, Sriganganagar, Tonk and Udaipur are facing their second consecutive year of drought.

INDIA (flood) Various media sources reported that the states of Assam, Bihar and West Bengal continue to be severely affected by floods that have already claimed 300 lives in these three states alone. Details are provided by state below:

  Assam 	-          more than 3,400 villages in 16 districts flooded, affecting 3
                           million people
                -          approximately 200,000 hectares of crops damaged
                -          facing a major encephalitis epidemic that has already taken 34
  Bihar         -          2.5 million homeless
                -          more than 800,000 hectares of farmland waterlogged, destroying
  West Bengal   -          approximately 125,000 people affected in 4 districts
                -          landslides caused by heavy rains causing severe damage,
                           blocking roads and cutting off entire communities
The southern state of Andhra Pradesh has also suffered from severe flooding, and a total of 162 individuals died in that state last month. In addition 23 deaths occurred in early September as a result of flooding in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, and 140 died last month as a result of flash floods in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

NIGERIA (flood) The BBC reported Friday (8th) that floods caused by heavier than expected rains have caused crops to be destroyed, and left thousands of individuals homeless in the northwestern state of Zamfara. More than 10,000 hectares of farmland were reportedly flooded, threatening the rice harvest, and houses in the capital of Gusau, and the adjacent towns were worst affected.

NORTH KOREA (storm) The AP reported that according to a UN official, severe flooding and high winds caused by a tropical storm that hit Korea's eastern coast for 27 hours beginning the night of August 31st has left 42 dead and caused extensive damage to crops. The deaths occurred when rivers in the northeastern province of South Hamgyong burst their banks. Road and rail connections were disrupted on the east coast, and the region's major city, Chongjin, was reportedly flooded with up to 3 feet of water in some sections.

TAJIKISTAN (drought) The Xinhua reported that according to an international humanitarian agency, the severe drought affecting Tajikistan will cost the country an estimated 57 million US dollars. In addition, the WFP reported that the severe water shortage in Khujand and Khorog has resulted in affected individuals using water from irrigation canals, drains and rivers for drinking purposes.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/12/00

CAMBODIA (flood)- update Various media sources reported that the death toll from flooding has reached 74, and it was said Monday (11th) that it could surpass the death toll of 1996 the most devastating in memory. The government has reportedly declared a state of emergency for the capital of Phnom Penh and several surrounding provinces. Damage estimates for crops this year as a result of flooding total approximately 10 million dollars.

CHINA (typhoon) Various media sources reported that typhoon Wukong hit the island province of Hainan over the weekend (9-10th), leaving 5 dead and 1 missing. According to the Xinhua 2,700 homes and 70,000 hectares of crops were destroyed, while a total of 2.4 million individuals and 240,000 hectares of crops were affected according to local authorities. Newspapers reported that Wukong was particularly destructive as it packed high winds and moved slowly to the southwest, lingering for a long time over the island. Images are made available in the Daily Report of the Operational and Significant Event Imagery (OSEI) Group at:

INDIA (flood) The AFP reported that according to the Press Trust of India 19 more deaths were reported in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Saturday (9th), brining the death toll for the one state, from monsoon rains this year, to 321. Six deaths were reported in the Basti district, and 13 in the Bahraich district 17 died from houses collapsing, and 2 people were washed away by persistent rains.

ITALY (flood) Various media sources reported that mud and water washed over the Le Giare campground in southern Italy before dawn on Sunday 10th). A weekend of heavy rains caused a rain swollen stream to inundate the campground near the seaside town of Soverato, in the Calabria region, killing 12, hospitalizing 22 and leaving at least 4 individuals missing. The heavy rains also caused cars to be washed away, and homes to be evacuated in Roccella Jonica, as massive flooding occurred along the coast.

JAPAN (flood) Various media sources reported that 6 have died, 32 are injured and at least 3 are missing in central Japan as a result of heavy rainfall and landslides. The Shonai River reportedly broke its banks near Nagoya, and the Shin River also broke a 100metre stretch of its banks. In the industrial city of Nagoya more than 360,000 individuals reportedly evacuated their homes as some 38,000 homes became flooded. The rains also caused power outages that interrupted bullet train service to the region, major highways were reportedly closed, and Japan's 3 main airlines cancelled numerous domestic flights.

JAPAN (tornado) Various media sources reported that a tornado pulled the roofs off of 10 homes in Tokyo on Tuesday(12th).

MEXICO (hurricane) Reuters reported that located 330 miles west-southwest of Puerto Cortes on the Baja California Peninsula, and moving northwest at approximately 10mph, Hurricane Lane caused the Pacific ports of San Carlos, Cabo San Lucas, La Paz and Lazaro Cardenas to be closed Sunday. Although the hurricane did not pose any threat to land, Mexico's National Meteorological Service reported that it packed maximum sustainable winds of 90mph and gusts up to 105mph, while bringing heavy rains and surf to coastal states. Images are made available in the Daily Report of the Operational and Significant Event Imagery (OSEI) Group at:

NIGER (flood) Reuters reported that since the start of the June to September rainy season, at least 13,000 individuals have lost their homes, and 100's of grain stores have been destroyed as a result of flooding. Heavy rains that resulted in floods in early August left at least 5,000 individuals homeless in the Boboye area, inundated fields and drowned livestock.

VIETNAM (flood) Reuters reported that rising floodwaters in the Mekong Delta have killed 5 individuals and forced 30,000 individuals to evacuate, while another 170,000 evacuations may be necessary in the next few days. According to the anti-flood commission a state of emergency has been declared in the province of An Giang and the current damage estimate for 3 provinces (An Giang, Dong Thap and Long An) is reported to be 300 billion Dong, or 21.2 million dollars. According to meteorologists, the Mekong River's water level is rapidly rising downstream because of continuous and heavy rains upstream and midstream.

VIETNAM (typhoon) Various media sources reported that typhoon Wukong left 2 dead, 69 injured and approximately 10,000 homeless after hitting the central province of Ha Tinh early Sunday(10th) . Wukong reportedly brought heavy rains and winds up to 69mph, destroying nearly 3,000 homes and blowing the roofs off 5,000 others. In addition, 11,000 hectares of rice were reportedly submerged, power lines downed and some sea dyke systems breached by torrential rains and tidal wave. Images are made available in the Daily Report of the Operational and Significant Event Imagery (OSEI) Group at:

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/14/00

CAMBODIA (flood) The Xinhua reported that according to Wednesdays (13th) Cambodia Daily, 9 more people have died bringing the death toll from flooding to 83. The hardest hit region is the Kompong Cham province where electricity still remains off in most of the towns, and approximately 4,000 families have been evacuated to higher ground. According to the AP the water level at Chaktomuk the point where the Mekong, Bassac and Sap rivers all meet in Phenom Penh was nearly 37 feet on Wednesday (13th) . Reports indicated that at 38 feet the water will spill into the streets. Estimates indicate that some 600,000 individuals have been left homeless. MONGOLIA (drought) OCHA reported that this summers drought has left more than 50% of the country dry, with nearly 20% suffering from severe water shortage, and more than 450,000 individuals in 13 districts affected by food shortages. The provinces affected by drought include most of Dundgobi, Dornogobi and Umnugobi, and some areas of Zavkhan (Bulnai and Ider counties), Khovd (Most, Manhan, Bulgan and Uench counties), Gobi-Altai (Bugat, Jargalan and Guulin), Bayankhongor (Bogt, Jinst, Baatsagaan and Bayan-Undur), Sukhbaatar (Bayandelger, Tuvshinshiree, Uulbayan and Asgat) and Hentii (Galshar county).

THAILAND (flood) World News reported that 21 people have died as a result of the monsoon rains affecting the northeast region. More than 1 million individuals have reportedly been affected by the flooding in the past month.

UZBEKISTAN (drought) The BBC reported that according to the Economics Ministry the Karalpakia province, near the Aral Sea, is the area worst affected by the on-going drought. The entire rice crop has been lost in Karalpakia, and the level of Tuyamyun Lake, the regions main source of drinking water, is down 75%. The Ministry estimated that the drought has cost nearly 50 million dollars.

VIETNAM (flood) Between 5 and 20 individuals have drowned in the province of An Giang according to media reports, while 3 have died in Dong Thap. The provinces most affected are An Giang, Dong Thap, Long An and Kien Giang. According to the AFP 100,000 hectares of rice paddies have been flooded and 28,000 homes have been damaged. Further information on the flooding in Vietnam is made available at

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/21/00

ARGENTINA (snow) The Red Cross Red Crescent reported Wednesday that the worst September snowstorm in 100 years is affecting the Patagonia region. The 12-day blizzard has caused firewood and kerosene shortages, forced mountain roads, schools and airports to close, and reportedly resulted in the deaths of half a million sheep. The affected provinces include Neuquen, Rio Negro, Chubut and Santa Cruz.

BANGLADESH (flood) The AFP reported that 5 died on Tuesday (19th) when the banks of the Padma River collapsed in southern Shariatpur causing water to sweep into a 100-year bazaar. In addition, two flood-related deaths were reported Thursday (21st), and 35 injuries occurred as rainstorms hit six districts overnight. CAMBODIA (flood) Various media sources reported that the water level in the capital Phnom Penh reached 11.20 metres, the highest ever recorded on Thursday (21st) . According to the National Committee on Disaster Management, 136 individuals have died in 18 of the countries 23 provinces, and more than 1.5 million people have been affected. OCHA provided the following statistics on Wednesday (20th) : Rice flooded / destroyed 137,000 hectares / 120,000 hectares, Subsidiary crops flooded / destroyed 25,000 hectares / 23,000 hectares, Houses flooded / destroyed 107,314 / 1,967.

FRANCE (storm) The Xinhua reported Wednesday (20th) that 6 people died in the violent storms that hit southern France on Tuesday (19th) . Three individuals reportedly drowned in the city of Marseilles, and 3 others died and 7 were injured when one of three cranes brought down by heavy winds crushed a small shelter on a construction field in the southwestern city of Montpellier. As of Wednesday (20th) morning a reported 3,700 homes were still without electricity in Marseilles, as the power supply to 40,000 homes was cut on Tuesday (19th).

GUATAMALA (flood) The AP reported Saturday (16th) that after 4 days of torrential rain, floods and landslides left at least 20 individuals dead and dozens injured. In addition, buildings and bridges were ruined, more than 200 families were evacuated, more than 50 homes were destroyed and major highways were flooded. Fifteen of the deaths occurred in the mountain hamlet of Teleman.

INDIA (drought) The Times of India News Service reported that as a result of the drought affecting Chhatisgarh, an exodus of small farmers and daily wage labourers has occurred. The drought has reportedly affected all 16 districts, with Raipur, Mahasamund, Durg, Bastar, Bilaspur and Rajnandgaon suffering the most. Chhatisgarh usually receives an average annual rainfall of 1,200-1,400mm, but this year there has been a shortfall of nearly 300mm.

INDIA (flood) Various media sources reported that flooding in east India's West Bengal began Monday (18th) following torrential rains that began on Sunday (17th) . Most parts of the districts of Birbhum, Burdwan, Murshidabad and Malda were flooded as all the major rivers, Dwaraka, Mayuraskhy, Ajoy, Brahamati, Bhaghirati and their tributaries were flowing well above their danger levels. Several dams and barrages in the region were also above the danger level causing massive volumes of water to be released. According to the Xinhua 44 deaths have occurred since the flooding began on Monday (18th).

LAOS (flood) The Xinhua reported on Monday (18th) that according to the official Laos new agency KPL, days of incessant rainfall caused the level of the Mekong River, Sebangphay River and others in the Khammouane province in central Laos to rise, flooding more than 22,000 hectares of paddy fields. Land traffic between the districts of Thakhek and Nongbok was reportedly stopped, and 138 schools were temporarily closed. Severe flooding has also been reported in the province of Champassak, where the water level of the Mekong River at the Paske district was reported as 12.81 metres on September 12th above the dangerous level.

MEXICO (storm) Various media sources reported that at least 8 individuals died in 24 hours as a tropical depression affected Mexico's gulf coast, and tropical storm Norman affected the Pacific coast. In the southern state of Chiapas at least 300 families were evacuated, and in the city of Tapachula 4 died in mud and rockslides caused by the heavy rains on Tuesday (19th) . In the state of Veracruz 2 people were reported dead, and in Guerrero 2 drowned as tropical storm Norman brought heavy rains and gusts up to 55mph.

RUSSIA (flood) The Itar-Tass reported Wednesday (20th) hat rains over the past few days caused 440 homes to be flooded in the Primorye Territory, Sakhalin, and the Koryak autonomous district. The water level in the Razdolnaya River in Primorye was reportedly 249cm above the critical mark, and the rains are caused by typhoons that start near the Philippines and move north.

SRI LANKA (flood) Reuters reported that 2 children drowned in the Matara district, and 1000's were left homeless after torrential rains hit southern Sri Lanka Wednesday (20th). According to the director of the Social Service Department 7,800 families in the Galle district, and 5,000 families in the Matara district were affected. Rivers reportedly overflowed their banks, several roads were impassable and schools were closed.

TAJIKISTAN (drought) The IFRC reported that the on-going drought in Tajikistan is the worst to occur in 74 years. No rain has fallen for more than 5 months, and this year's harvest is worse than the 2 previous years, which were also low.

UZBEKISTAN (drought) Reuters reported that Uzbekistan is suffering from its worst drought in 95 years, as rains have been inadequate in 7 provinces. The worst conditions reportedly exist in the Karakalpakstan and Khorezm regions, which border the Aral Sea. The country has produced only 3 million tons of grain this year, versus the target of 4.89 million tons.

VIETNAM (flood) Various media sources reported that Vietnam is suffering from its longest and most severe flood of the past 40 years. Floodwaters in the Mekong river delta have reached their highest levels and all exceed Alarm Level III (very dangerous flood conditions), which effectively means that all low lying areas are submerged, including low lying areas in cities and towns. Estimates of the number of deaths range from 26-40, and the total economic loss is estimated to be 27 million dollars. The provinces of Long An, Dong Thap, An Giang, Kien Giang and Can Tho in southern Vietnam are suffering the worst.

. Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/25/00

BANGLADESH (flood)-update The AP reported that a total of 15 individuals have died as a result of the past weeks floods. Chuadanga and Jhenidah are the worst affected districts, and water submerged 70 villages on Sunday alone bringing the total number of submerged villages to 200.

INDIA (flood) The Xinhua reported that according to the Press Trust of India 418 individuals have died, and 217 are missing in West Bengal. However, the AP reported that according to the Indian government 265 have died in West Bengal, while the United News of India reportedly claims that 497 people have died in West Bengal. Murshidabad is the district worst affected by the flooding in West Bengal. According to various media sources 108 individuals have died in the state of Bihar where all the major rivers, including the Ganga, Kosi, Bagmati and Burhi Gandak are flowing above their danger mark at several places. In Bihar the worst affected districts are reportedly Munger, Bhalagpur, Dumka, Sahebganj, Deogarh, Madhupur, Josidih, Sheikhpura and Banka.

IRAN (flood) The Xinhua reported that torrential rains that began Sunday morning (24th) caused flooding that resulted in the deaths of 2 individuals and landslides that blocked a major road. According to the Islamic News Agency the 2 individuals died in a suburb of Iran's northeastern city of Ggonbad-e Kavous. Officials have not yet estimated the overall amount of damage.

MEXICO (drought) Infolatina reported Thursday (21st) that according to the state Agriculture and Livestock Minister, severe drought in the central Mexican state of Queretaro has caused 60%, or 70,000 hectares, of the total area planted during the most-recent season to be totally or partially lost this year. The Minister reported that monetary losses have been estimated as approximately 122 million pesos.

NIGERIA (flood) Africa News Service reported Friday (22nd) that flooding caused by an early morning downpour that lasted several hours on Wednesday (20th) submerged most of Lagos, Nigeria's commercial capital, thereby halting economic activity. A reported 100 homes were submerged, destroying property estimated at over N500 million.

THAILAND (flood) Reuters reported that according to the country's Rescue Center, 47 people have died in the past few weeks as a result of flooding that has caused at least 2.18 billion baht (51.05 million dollars) in damage to property and farmland. Three tropical storms in the past 5 weeks have reportedly hit 43 of 76 provinces in Thailand's northern, northeastern and central regions, affecting more than 2.5 million individuals.

UGANDA (storm) New Vision reported that more than 10,000 became homeless following a rain, hail and wind storm that hit parts of Bukonzo east in Kasese district Thursday (21st). Two homesteads were reportedly swept away by landslides, the roofs of several buildings were blown off and hundreds of acres of crops were damaged.

UZBEKISTAN (drought) The BBC reported that 90% of the country's rice crop has failed as a result of the severe drought this year.

VIETNAM (flood) OCHA reported that floodwaters are still above Alarm Level III, and as of September 24th 108 individuals have died and a total of 554,571 households have been affected, while 846 homes had been destroyed. Further information on the flooding in Vietnam is made available at

Impacts Reported for the month as of 09/27/00

BANGLADESH (flood)-update. The AFP reported that the 6 districts affected by severe flooding are Meherpur, Kushtia, Jhenidah, Rajshahi, Chuadanga and Chapainawabganj. In addition, more than 1.4 million individuals have reportedly been affected, many roads have been cut off and local officials have reported widespread damage to crops.

CAMBODIA (flood)-update. Various media sources reported that173 individuals have died, and approximately 176,000 people have fled their homes as a result of the on-going flooding. In addition, a total of 1.9 million people have reportedly been affected, and some 963,300 acres of crops have been destroyed.

CHINA (drought) The Xinhua reported that according to experts the western part of China's Guangdong province has received 20% less rainfall than last year since the onset of the rainy season. Water levels at all major rivers in the region are reportedly at a record low, and the amount of water in most of the region's reservoirs is insufficient. In Moaming ity in western Guangdong, 74 small reservoirs and 460 pools reportedly have no water, causing some 90,000 hectares of crops to be damaged or destroyed.

INDIA (flood) According to various media sources the death toll in the province of West Bengal is between 548 and 555. In addition, the number of people missing ranges from 201 to 422. More than 10 million people have reportedly been affected in West Bengal alone, and damage has occurred to at least 1.5 million homes. In addition, officials in Bangladesh's western Meherpur district have reported that they have registered more than 300 Indians from West Bengal's Nadia district, who fled into Bangladesh in search of shelter from the floods. The AFP reported a preliminary estimate of the cost to crops in West Bengal as being 345 million dollars. The death toll in the province of Bihar has been reported by several media sources as 116.

KAZAKHSTAN (snow) The Xinhua reported that the central city of Astana and its surrounding region received the heaviest snowfall in the past 130 years on Monday. Roads were reportedly closed between the country's newly established capital and other cities. In addition, in the city of Stepnogorsk snow reportedly fell for 45 straight hours, dumping a total of 20 centimetres of snow.

PANAMA (flood) The EFE via COMTEX reported that according to a rescue organization, persistent heavy rains have led to flooding resulting in 1 person missing, and more than 1,000 homeless individuals in the province of Chiriqui in western Panama. The rains also caused the Chiriqui Viejo River to burst its banks, causing the surrounding banana fields to become flooded.

TAJIKISTAN (drought) The WFP reported that as a result of the on-going drought cereal production is down to only 236,000 tons this year, 46% less than in 1999.

VIETNAM (flood) Reuters reported that the death toll has risen to 149 individuals - most of whom are children.

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