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Climate Information Project (CIP): October 2000- Last Updated October 31st, 2000


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the CIP are archived at:

Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/02/00

ARMENIA (drought) OCHA reported that as a result of high temperatures and lack of rain in recent months, severe drought and shortage of water are devastating many areas. Regions planted with grain, fodder and vegetables in the mountainous and sub-mountainous northern regions are suffering the worst. The preliminary government estimate of damage to the agricultural sector is 40 million dollars.

BANGLADESH (flood) Various media sources have reported that according to officials 70 individuals have died, and another 350 are missing, in what has begun to be called the worst monsoon rains in 20 years.

CAMBODIA (flood) The WFP reported that according to the National Committee of Disaster Management a state of emergency has been declared in 14 of 23 provinces. In addition, OCHA reported that this years monsoon floods are the worst to occur in 30 years having affected more than 2.2 million individuals - 20% of the country's population.

UZBEKISTAN (drought) Reuters reported that severe drought in Uzbekistan has caused 300,000 tons of grain to be lost and 123,548 acres of rice and 74,129 acres of cotton to be destroyed. In Georgia the official estimate of damage caused by drought is 200 million dollars, and in Azerbaijan the official damage estimate is 100 million dollars.

(BELIZE, MEXICO) (Hurricane Keith) Various media sources have reported that as of Monday (2nd) a hurricane warning remained in effect for the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula and Belize from Cabo Catoche south to Monkey River Town. In addition, a hurricane watch was in effect for the northern coast of the Yucatan from west of Cabo Catoche to Progreso. In Belize evacuations are underway in the northern part of the country, and those in Belize City have been advised to evacuate to the capital city of Belmopan. The villages of San Pedro and Caye Caulker have been hit the worst, as severe winds, heavy rains and flooding occur. In Mexico officials evacuated 5,000 individuals from low-lying areas around Chetumal. In Nicaragua 1 person died Sunday after being swept away by floodwaters, and officials evacuated more than 300 people from low-lying areas. In El Salvador 1 individual drowned Saturday, and 100's of people have been affected by flooding.

LAOS (flood) OCHA reported that Laos is suffering from its worst flooding sine 1965. The provinces most severely affected are, Khammuane, Savannakhet, Champasak and Saravan. Initial estimates report that some 450,000 individuals have been affected, and according to national authorities 4 priority districts exist, 3 in Khammuane and 1 in Champasak. In these districts more than half of all the rice fields have been totally destroyed, and approximately 30,000 people have lost their entire crop. A reported 59,000 hectares of rice have been destroyed in some of the most important rice growing areas of Laos, a total of more than 10% of the main rice crop in the country.

VIETNAM (flood) The AFP reported that the assistant director of the regional disaster relief center confirmed that 230 have died as a result of the flooding in the Mekong Delta. Army rescue teams have reportedly evacuated more than 35,000 families. In addition, according to various media sources floods have inundated approximately 700,000 homes, and a total of 375,000 individuals have evacuated their homes.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/06/00

FLORIDA (storm) Various media sources reported that numerous schools remained closed and some 2,600 customers were without power following the 2-day storm that hit southern Florida on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2000. The storm dumped at least 11 inches of rain on Miami-Dade County, and the airport received 15.3 inches of rainfall in 36 hours. President Clinton declared the region a major disaster on Wednesday (4th) , allowing residents in Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward and Collier counties to qualify for federal assistance. According to the Miami Herald, with only half of its survey of Miami-Dade County complete, the American Red Cross has reported the following: - 1,005 homes destroyed, 1,358 homes heavily damaged, 3,443 homes with minor damage. In addition, the Miami-Dade Farm Bureau estimated a loss to farmers of 219 million dollars.

MEXICO (Hurricane Keith) According to various media sources Hurricane Keith hit land packing winds of 90mph, just north of Mexico's gulf coast port of Tampico, on Thursday, Ocotber 5th, 2000. Torrential rains, flooding and the evacuation of some 2,000 individuals resulted. The town of Gonzalez was the hardest hit.

VIETNAM (flood)- Update OCHA reported that according to the Vietnamese government, Southern Vietnam is suffering from its worst flooding in 74 years. As of October 3rd, the following damages had been assessed: - 2,003 houses destroyed, - 78,554 hectares of rice damaged or destroyed & 63,030 hectares of subsidiary crop damaged or destroyed, 14,382 schools flooded & 277 hospitals/clinics flooded, 9,951km of road damaged & 12,137 units of bridge damaged/destroyed. In addition, various media sources reported that as of Thursday (October 5th) 280 individuals had died as a result of the floods. Also, according to state television reports, torrential rains caused landslides on Tuesday night (Ocotber 3rd) in the remote northwestern district of Sin Ho. Forty deaths reportedly occurred as a result, and the Sin Ho district is located in the province of Lai Chau.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/09/00

AUSTRALIA (fire) The AP reported that weeks of above-average temperatures have led to tinderbox conditions in many of Sydney's suburbs. Wildfires burnt Friday (Oct 6th) in these suburbs, forcing 200 individuals from their homes.

BANGLADESH (flood) Various media sources reported that according to the police, 30 people were injured during a 4-hour fight involving shotguns, spears and knives, between villagers and flood victims. The battle was reportedly over a 3-mile long embankment which the flood victims wanted to cut through in order to alleviate flooding on their side. Approximately 500 individuals were involved, a nd the fight occurred at Parulia village in the Satkhira district. In addition, relief officials reported that swelling waters flooded 35 more villages in the Satkhira district on Sunday October 8th. Some 2 million individuals have been left homeless, 625,000 acres of rice and other crops have been damaged and 675 miles of road have been washed away by the flooding. Health officials also reported that nearly 3,500 individuals have contracted diarrhea and dysentery in the flooded regions, bringing the total number of people suffering from flood-related illness to 13,000.

INDIA (flood)-Update Reuters reported that according to the state's Finance Minister, the latest damage estimate for the state of West Bengal is 56.60 billion rupees. The floods have reportedly destroyed some 1.5 million hectares of cropland, mainly rice causing approximately 38.66 billion rupees in losses. In addition, at least 1,187 individuals have reportedly died, 103 are missing and more than 2 million people have been affected. The districts of Nadia and North 24 Parganas continue to be suffering the most. MEXICO (storm) The EFE via COMTEX reported that on the wake of Hurricane Keith heavy rains drenched much of central and northern Mexico. According to the Civil Protection director, heavy rains in the state of Tamaulipas caused landslides that left 3 dead this weekend. In Pueblo, central Mexico, 4 individuals died in an avalanche of mud that buried them in their home. Hundreds of homes were also damaged or destroyed.

NICARAGUA (tornado) The EFE via COMTEX reported that according to Saturday's (Oct 7th) Noticia newspaper, 1 person died and 42 homes were partially destroyed by a tornado that hit the town of El Viejo.

SRI LANKA (flood) CNN reported that as a result of torrential rains and strong winds, flash floods occurred in the capital city of Colombo on Friday, October 6th. The deputy director of the Department of Meteorology reported that approximately 106mm of rain fell in 2.5 hours, and that the city's archaic drainage system could not keep up. Communication was disrupted, some power supplies to the city were interrupted and traffic was stopped as roads became inundated. Colombo's largest suburb- Dehiwala-Mt Lavinia also suffered from the flooding as homes, offices and part of a key hospital were inundated.

VIETNAM (flood)-update Reuters reported that according to officials of the southern region anti-flood committee, 308 individuals had died as of Sunday morning October 8th, and the flooding has spread to 8 provinces.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/11/00

ARMENIA (drought) OCHA reported that the on-going severe drought has decimated crops and affected livestock production, as rainfall in important agricultural areas was up to 70% below normal during critical months. Aggregate figures for 2000 wheat and barely output has been estimated at 205,000 MT, which is down 27% from 1999. Potatoe production has also suffered, falling by nearly 40% to 250,000 MT. In addition, concern as to the ability of 297,000 subsistence farmers, living in the northern provinces of Tavush, Lori, Shirak, Gegharkunik, Aragatzotn and Kotayk, to sustain themselves has arisen.

BANGLADESH (flood) OCHA reported that more than 2 million individuals have been affected by the flooding in the following 6 affected districts, Meherpur 250,000 affected, Chuadanga 400,000 affected, Jhenidah 200,000 affected, Jessore 552,813 affected, Kushtia 250,000 affected Satkhira 357,000 affected. In addition, 150,000 hectares of rice have been affected, and 23,064 hectares of land cultivated with vegetables, pulses, sugarcane, banana and papaya have been submerged. Poultry and goats have also reportedly been swept away by the flooding.

BENIN (storm) Africa News reported that torrential rains destroyed 200 homes and property estimated at millions of naira in Benin City on Monday, October 9th. he rains also reportedly paralyzed commercial activity for more than 8 hours.

CAMBODIA (flood) The AP reported that 6 individuals drowned on Tuesday (Octopber 10th) after a boat carrying villagers to an aid distribution station went down. The six deaths bring the death toll to 258 individuals, in what have reportedly become the worst floods on record. The AFP reported that damage to property and crops have been estimated at 79 million dollars, and nearly 1 million hectares of rice crops have been damaged or destroyed.

BELIZE (Hurricane Keirth) OCHA reported that Belize continues to suffer from flooding as waters rise in areas along the rivers in the Orange Walk and Corozal districts. In addition, some access roads are under 6-7 feet of water, and some villages are completely cut off. Floodwaters are reportedly rising on the Northern highway with over 2 feet of water reported in some areas just before Orange Walk Town going northwards.

KENYA (drought) The Xinhua reported that according to Wednesday's (Ocotber 11th) People Daily, 3 secondary schools, in then Mandera and Wajir districts if Kenya's North Eastern Province, have closed, and another 7 are on the verge of closing. The drought has caused an acute food shortage, forcing the schools to close, as livestock- the region's economic mainstay have been wiped out.

MEXICO (flood) Various media sources have reported that according to officials, days of torrential rains, brought on by Hurricane Keith, have left 23 individuals dead and forced more than 30,000 to flee from their homes. Thirteen individuals reportedly died in the state of Veracruz, 4 in Puebla and 6 in Tamaulipas.

VIETNAM (flood) Reuters reported that as waters receded in the Mekong Delta rice bowl, officials in 4 flood-swept provinces: An Giang, Kien Giang, Can Tho and Dong Thap found a plague of yellow snails that have the potential to severely damage the country's main rice crop. The yellow snails are capable of destroying vast areas of rice plants, and their ideal breeding ground is high water. In addition, according to various media sources, torrential rains hit both central and southern Vietnam on Tuesday (Oct 10th) causing landslides and flash floods. The rains were caused by a tropical depression that just missed hitting the Mekong Delta, but hit several other provinces to the north. According to the AFP 3 people died in Binh Duong, 1 individual is missing in Bin Phoc, 2 died in Lam Dong, and 1 died in Dak Lak. As much as 30cm of rain reportedly fell in central Vietnam, and many of the region's rivers - Perfume, Han, Thu Bon and Srepok were above alert level III, known as very dangerous flood conditions. Further information on the flooding in Vietnam is made available at

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/13/00

ENGLAND (flood) Various media sources reported that southeast England is suffering from its worst floods in years. Rains began on Wednesday (Oct 11th) , flooding many homes and forcing people in Lewes and East Sussex to evacuate. Up to 20mm of rain reportedly fell overnight across Hampshire, Sussex and Kent, and the town of Wroxall was the worst hit receiving 56.6mm of rain. As of Friday, 17 severe flood warnings - alerts of an imminent threat to life and property reportedly remained in effect for 12 rivers in Sussex and Kent.

KENYA (drought) The Xinhua reported that according to the East African Standard newspaper on Friday(Oct 13th) , the Central Bank of Kenya reported in their latest monthly report that the economy is virtually stagnant as a result of the current drought, and at the same time, consumers are being hit by inflation. Provisional data on output from key economic sectors indicate that the real gross domestic product grew only 0.7% in the financial year ending in July compared with 1.4% growth in 1999. In addition, a slow-down in all sectors of the economy reportedly occurred. According to the bank, the on-going energy crisis is responsible for pushing inflation up to 9.8% in September, from 7.6% in August. The bank attributed the increase in inflation to the high costs of fuel and power products, and the depreciation of the Kenyan shilling.

NORWAY (landslide) M2 Communications reported that train delays were expected on Thursday(Oct 12th) , because a landslide caused by heavy rains blocked the railway between Oslo and Bergen.

VIETNAM (flood)-Update The AP reported that the death toll has reached 358 individuals, and the damage estimate is 3.295 trillion dong, or 235 million dollars. Concern over what to do with the bodies of the deceased until land re-appears has reportedly been growing.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/16/00

BANGLADESH (flood) The Xinhua reported that according to Health Ministry officials, 22,340 individuals have been infected with diarrhea diseases in 9 flood-hit southwestern districts. Ten individuals have reportedly died of the diseases in the past 15 days. In addition, 2,521 children have reportedly encountered acute respiratory infections.

BRAZIL (flood) Various media sources reported that according to civil defense officials at least 6 individuals are dead following heavy rains in southern Brazil that began on Wednesday (Oct 11th) . Numerous homes were reportedly swept away, and at least 5,000 individuals fled from their houses. The rainstorms reportedly hit 33 cities and rural towns in Rio Grande do Sul state. In the state capital of Porto Algere, overflowing rivers destroyed rice plantations and other crops.

ENGLAND (flood)- Update The Itar-Tass reported that the central portion of the British city Maidstone, in south-east England became inundated Saturday morning (Oct 14th) as the Medway River overflowed as a result of the heavy rains. Sports facilities and approximately 20 apartment buildings were reportedly inundated.

GEORGIA (drought)- OCHA reported that the drought in the eastern regions of Georgia have damaged a significant portion of the wheat and sunflower crops, as well as the winter pasturelands. The districts in the Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli and Samtskhe-Javaketi regions have suffered the most.

BELIZE (Hurricane Keith) -Update OCHA reported that according to the Ministry of Human Development, Hurricane Keith and the consequent flooding have directly affected an estimated 6,600 households, totaling more than 26,000 individuals more than 10% of the population. The National Emergency Management Organization has reportedly estimated the total damage to be more than 261.5 million dollars, and rising. The Western highway remains inundated in 1 section, while the Northern highway is flooded in several places. In addition, reports of waterborne and sanitation related diseases are reportedly increasing.

INDIA (flood)-Update The Express India News reported that according to the Finance Minister the death toll for the past three weeks has climbed to 1,358 individuals. A reported 115 of these deaths have occurred from disease and snakebites. In addition, 88,000 cattle have reportedly died.

ISRAEL (flood) The Jerusalem Post reported today (Oct 16th) that roads in the south of the country are closed as a result of flooding that occurred following two days of rain.

KENYA (drought) The Xinhua reported that Kenya's state-owned power company has blamed its loss of 1.6 billion shillings, approximately 20 million U.S. dollars, in the fiscal year ending June 30th, on the prolonged drought and petroleum price hike. The drought reportedly impacted negatively upon the operation of the company's hydroelectric power stations.

NORWAY (flood) M2 Communications reported that freshwater that poured into a fjord following flooding last week, killed numerous lobsters caught there in traps. The loss of the lobsters will cause large financial losses to local fishermen in Hvaler in eastern Norway.

SOUTHERN ALPS (landslide/rains) Various media sources have reported that the area affected by days of torrential rains in the southern Alps stretches from the Rhone valley in France, to the Po valley in northern Italy. In addition, the Simplon pass, which connects the regions through Switzerland, is closed. Ten individuals have died in northern Italy, where the rains have caused riverbanks to burst, and train service between the industrial cities of Milan and Turin has been cancelled. In addition, approximately 3,000 individuals have been evacuated from the Valle de Aosta and Piedmont regions. In Switzerland, 13 individuals are missing following a 40metre-wide landslide that sliced through Gondo, a tiny village near the border of Italy. Ten buildings were reportedly swept away in Gondo, and flooding has also been a problem elsewhere in Switzerland , Lake Maggiore has reportedly flooded parts of Locarno. Two individuals have reportedly died in Switzerland and 1 individual has died on the French island of Corsica. A reported 60 centimetres of rain fell in southern region of the Alps over a 2-day period.

VIETNAM (flood)-update Various media sources have reported that 366 individuals have died in the past 6 weeks in the low-lying Delta. Reuters also reported that 54 people have died in central and southern provinces further to the north in the past week. In addition, according to the Southern anti-flood committee, in the central highlands province of Dak Lak, 1,200 tonnes of food have been swept away, nearly 6,000 houses have been submerged and 615 homes have been destroyed. Five hundred and thirty of the province's 200,000 hectares of coffee trees have also been inundated.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/18/00

BANGLADESH (flood)- Update Reuters reported that estimated damages and losses from the recent flooding is at least 500 million dollars, with damage to crops, fish farms, property and infrastructure. According to an independent survey by Novartis Limited - a supplier of agricultural inputs - 180 million dollars in losses have occurred to standing rice crops, vegetables and fruit gardens. Fish farming has also suffered major damage as most of the fish farms have been washed away. In addition more than 1,000 km of roads have reportedly been damaged, as have numerous schools and other infrastructure. According to local government officials, the damage will reportedly require at least 100 million dollars to rebuild.

CAMBODIA (flood)-Update The Xinhua reported that according to the Cambodian Daily, at least 20% of the country's schools have been severely damaged by floodwaters. Preliminary estimates by the Ministry of Education report that at least half a million primary and secondary school students have been affected. According to the chief of general studies and secondary schools, 500 schools could not open when the school year began two weeks ago because of the flooding. It is estimated that building repairs will cost between 3.6 million and 10.9 million dollars, and it was reported that another 3.6 million dollars will be needed to replace damaged furniture, blackboards and books.

CHINA (flood) The Xinhua reported that rainstorms that have hit the south China province of Hainan since October 13th have resulted in 3 deaths and 1 missing person. Floods caused by the storms have reportedly inundated 610 villages, affected more than 200,000 people and submerged more than 66,000 hectares of crops and a group of fishponds. A tropical depression and cold air from the north are believed to be the main factors leading to the torrential rains. Heavy rains also reportedly hit Xuwen County in south Chinas Guangdong province, damaging more than 20,000 hectares of crops and 333 hectares of shrimp fields, resulting in an economic loss of 210 million yuan.

KYRGYZSTAN (temperature extreme) Xinhua reported that 11 individuals died on Monday as temperatures in northern Kyrgyzstan fell below zero. According to meteorologists a cold cyclone from Siberia and Kazakhstan has been hitting the northland and capital city Bishkek with heavy snowfall. On Monday, the highest temperature was just 2 degrees Celsius during the day, and at night the temperature dropped below zero. The average temperature in the country in October is reportedly 15 degrees Celsius during a normal year.

SOUTHERN ALPS (flood)-Update Various media sources have reported that the death toll from the floods and landslides has reached 28, and that 19 individuals remain missing. Twenty-one deaths have reportedly been confirmed in Italy, and 7 have been confirmed in Switzerland. The Po River is reportedly at historic heights, and has burst its banks at various points. Some 15,000 individuals have been evacuated along the Po and Ticino Rivers, and another 500 have reportedly been evacuated in the countryside around Mantua. In the past few days, floodwaters have reached Turin and Milan, causing factories to close, electricity and telecommunications t o be knocked out and many schools to close. In addition, more than 170 roads are reportedly closed, dozens of bridges have been destroyed and many rail services from Italy to France and Switzerland have been suspended.

VIETNAM (flood) Reuters reported that according to the Red Cross 5 million individuals have been affected by flooding in the Mekong Delta since the worst floods began in late August. The death toll in the Delta has reportedly reached 374 individuals, while in the central and southern areas to the north 60 people have died, and in 2 northern provinces 51 individuals have died.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/20/00

Belize (Hurricane Keith)- Update OCHA reported that according to reports from the UNDP Sub-Office in Belmopan, large areas of Belize's Orange Walk and Corozal districts remain under water as river levels begin to rise again. Dozens of rural villages are reportedly still cut off, and some villages remain evacuated. The Western highway remains flooded in one section, and the Northern highway has suffered severe damage and remains impassable to small vehicles. A state of emergency continues nationwide, and the Ministry of Health and PAHO/WHO have estimated that 62,000 individuals have been affected, while the National Emergency Management Office has reported that 8 individuals have died.

Canada-Newfoundland (Hurricane Michael) Various media sources reported that a weakened Hurricane Michael hit southern Newfoundland late Thursday (19th) . Power lines were reportedly knocked down, ferry service was disrupted and several houses were damaged. Images are available in the Daily Report of the Operational and Significant Event Imagery (OSEI) Group at:

NEPAL (flood) The IFRC reported that since May more than 50,000 individuals have been affected by floods and landslides in almost all of the regions in Nepal. The death toll has been estimated at 144 individuals, and an additional 250 people have reportedly died of encephalitis as a result of floodwaters. In addition, the government has estimated the loss of property at a value of CHF 12,000,000.

SOUTHERN ALPS (flood) Various media sources have reported that 36 individuals have died in Italy and Switzerland while 9 remain missing. The Piedmont and Val D'Aosta are reportedly the hardest hit regions in Italy, and the Italian government extended the state of emergency as far south as the lower Po Valley on Thursday (19th) . More than 40,000 individuals have reportedly been evacuated in Italy, and the damage estimate for the Lombardy region alone has been estimated at 6 trillion lire.

UNITED STATES (drought) The AP reported that according to Texas A&M University economists, the drought in Texas has caused 1.1 billion dollars in damage to state agriculture so far this year. The University of Texas Agriculture Extensions Service estimated the loss to cotton crops as 485 million dollars. In addition, damages to wheat crops, forage crops and the added cost of feeding and watering to farmers, total 153 million, 124 million and 105 respectively.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/24/00

CHINA (flood) The Xinhua reported that 10 people have died in recent floods in south China's Hainan province. The Hainan Provincial Office for Flood, Wind and Drought Control reported that the flooding from October 12th-17th was the most serious in 100 years.

INDIA (cyclone) The AP reported that the cyclone threatening Indias southeastern coast died down on Thursday (19th) in the Bay of Bengal, allowing evacuated villagers to return home. However, in the Srikakulam district gale force winds killed at least 100 pelican chicks by knocking them out of their nests.

INDIA (flood) The Xinhua reported that according to the Press Trust of India 1,266 individuals have died as a result of flooding in the northeastern state of West Bengal since mid-September. An additional 51 deaths have reportedly occurred as a result of enteric diseases that arose due to the flooding. In addition, 164 individuals are still reported as missing across the state.

SPAIN (flood) EFE via COMTEX reported that an intense torrential downpour caused extensive flooding in the southern city of Cartagena on Monday (23rd) . Roads and underpasses were reportedly washed out, and cellars and garages were flooded. Weekend flooding caused by intense rainfall left one individual dead and 1 missing in Murcia province, and 3 dead and 2 missing in the northeastern province of Tarragona where the rain swollen Montbrio burst its banks. The BBC reported that a total of 5 individuals have died.

UNITED STATES (storm) Various media sources have reported on storms occurring in the southwest. In Arizona, approximately 500 residents of Wenden and nearby Salome were reportedly evacuated on Sunday (22nd) after more than 1 inch of rain caused flooding that ripped apart asphalt and knocked over mobile homes. At least 100 homes were damaged in Arizona and according to a spokesperson for the governor, a declaration of emergency was signed late Monday. In Texas, thunderstorms on Sunday and Monday (22nd and 23rd) reportedly caused rivers to swell and roads to become flooded west of San Antonio. In northern Texas hail fell, and storms, including two tornados, were reported. The tornado touching down in Amarillo reportedly tore down 1 barn and a few power lines. In Oklahoma, floods reportedly forced hundreds to flee their homes in Chickasha and Anadarko, where more than 9 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. In New Mexico, a tornado reportedly touched down in San Juan county Monday afternoon.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/26/00

ALGERIA (flood) The AP reported that according to national newspapers, at least 28 individuals have died in the past few days as a result of storms and flooding. Naama is reportedly the worst hit area, reporting at least 17 deaths. In addition, the floods badly damaged crops, carried away cattle and cut off roads in the largely agricultural region.

CAMBODIA (flood) Various media sources reported that according to officials, falling trees and heavy rains have damaged 5 of Cambodia's ancient Angkor temples over the past week. The heavy rains have reportedly weakened the foundations of the temples, and flooding in Cambodia has resulted in the deaths of 275 individuals since July.

ISRAEL (flood) Various media sources have reported that heavy rains have caused flooding in Tel Aviv and the surrounding region. Major transportation in the city has been halted, and the highways going to and from Tel Aviv are closed. More than 100 mm of rain has reportedly fallen on parts of the city, especially southern Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The Jerusalem Post reported that one individual has died as a result of the floods in the Tel-Aviv metropolitan area.

UNITED STATES (drought) The UPI reported that the drought conditions in some regions of the south are continuing. In Carrollton Georgia, where rainfall is approximately 30 inches below normal for the past 20 months, a state of emergency was declared on Tuesday (24th) . According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, the regions hardest hit include south central Georgia and central Alabama.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/30/00

CAMBODIA (flood) IFRC reported that more than 3.3 million individuals have been affected by flooding since July. A reported 333 individuals have died, and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports indicated that at least 500,000 primary and secondary school students have been affected by the flooding. Five hundred schools have reportedly not yet opened for the new term due to high water levels or damage from flooding, and approximately 1,000 schools remain flooded.

CANADA (snow) The CP reported that a snowstorm in Quebec's Gaspe region dumped more than 40 centimetres of snow by Sunday (29th) evening - a Quebec record for the month of October according to an Environment Canada meteorologist. In Iles-de-la-Madeleine, heavy rains dumped more than 60 milimetres resulting in flooded roads. Heavy rains also reportedly caused streets to flood in St. John's, Newfoundland.

BANGLADESH (cyclone) Various media sources reported that a cyclone hit the coastal and central districts of Bangladesh on the 28th. At least 30 individuals have been reported dead, and some 200 fishermen are missing. Winds reportedly reached 100 kph, and damage to homes, crops, trees and electrical lines reportedly occurred. The severely affected coastal districts are: Barisul, Barguna, Jhalkahti, Bhola, Khulna, Pirojpur, Noakhali, Luxmipur and Cox's Bazar, while inland affected areas are: Dhaka, Mymensingh, Chandpur and Shariatpur.

ENGLAND (storm) Various media sources reported that heavy rains and strong winds caused fallen trees and floods to shut roads throughout much of southern England. France, the Netherlands and Sweden were also struck by the storms, causing massive flight delays, ferry delays, and train cancellations. Wind gusts up to 150 kph were reported in South Wales, and the heaviest rainfall occurred in Larkhill, in Wiltshire, southern England, where 48.2 mm of rain fell between 1800 GMT Sunday and 0600 GMT Monday. Seven people have reportedly died from incidents related to the storm, and 4 individuals were injured and hundreds of homes damaged when a tornado struck Bognor Regis on Saturday, and 2 other individuals were injured when a second tornado struck Selsey, West Sussex on Monday morning. More than 40 rivers are reportedly on flood alert in England and Wales, and hundreds of homes have been evacuated. A spokesperson for the Bristish Meteorological Office reported that this was the worst storm since October 1987.

PHILLIPPINES (typhoon) Various media sources reported that Typhoon Xangsane hit the main island of Luzon, resulting in the deaths of 19 individuals, causing 30,000 families to evacuate, and leaving 100,000 people homeless. According to the civil defense office, at least 25 individuals, mostly fishermen, were reported missing at sea, and 217 individuals were reportedly injured. Floods submerged homes and damaged hundreds of houses in the capital, Manila, and nearby provinces. Numerous power lines were reportedly knocked down, and domestic flights to and from Manila and other affected areas were cancelled, while international flights were re-routed. Initial estimates of damage to agricultural crops and property is estimated at 500 million pesos, or 9.8 million dollars. Images are available in the Daily Report of the Operational and Significant Event Imagery (OSEI) Group at:

UNITED STATES (flood) Various media sources reported that President Clinton made federal disaster aid available to Arizona in order to help families and communities recover from last weekend's heavy rains and flooding. Funding is reportedly available to individuals in La Paz and Maricopa counties, and to the local governments in Cochise, La Paz and Santa Cruz counties.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 10/31/00

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (flood) EFE via COMTEX reported that according to authorities, at least 5 individuals drowned over the weekend (28-29th) due to flash floods that occurred along the Bonao River. Heavy rains over the past few days are reportedly increasing the chance of further flash floods.

INDONESIA (landslide) The AP reported that according to officials, rain-triggered landslides have resulted in at least 43 deaths and the destruction of hundreds of homes on Indonesia' s main island of Java. According to a government spokesman in the town of Cilacap, 30 individuals were buried alive in 7 landslides early Monday (30th) . In the neighbouring district of Banyumas, police reported that 6 people were buried alive Monday(30th) , and on Sunday (29th) 7 people died in landslides near the district of Tasikmalaya. In addition, rains that began Sunday have caused flooding in 2 other districts, resulting in damage to hundreds of homes and at least 4,000 homeless individuals.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon) Reuters reported that the number of deaths from typhoon Xangsane reached 26. A report by the National Disaster Co-ordinating Council indicated that 50 individuals remain missing, and 230 people were injured. In addition, the report estimated damage to property and crops at 1.4 billion pesos, or 27.45 million dollars. The Department of Agriculture reported that 275,672 hectares of rice growing land were flooded, resulting in an estimated loss of 112,211 tons of unmilled rice - a cost of 375.43 pesos.

NORTH-WESTERN EUROPE (storm) The AP reported that in addition to halting transportation and bringing down trees and electrical lines, the storm raging in northwestern Europe brought down an Italian military helicopter and sunk a cargo ship as the death toll reached 15. Four individuals died in France, 3 in Britain, and 1 in Ireland during the storm on Monday, while 6 individuals died in the helicopter crash, and 1 Danish rescue worker drowned while attempting to assist a crew on a cargo ship.

SWEDEN (snow) M2 Communications Ltd. reported that the first heavy snowfall of winter hit Sweden resulting in the main east coast route being blocked by three trucks near Hudiksvall.

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