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Climate Information Project (CIP): June 2000-Last Updated July 6th, 2000


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the CIP are archived at:

FIRE Fires and hotspots were noted so far this month in Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma, Brazil, Florida, and Mexico. Images are available in the daily report of the NOAA Operational Significant Event Imagery group. The archive is located at: http://www.osei.noaa.

Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 06/06/00

UNITED STATES (wind, storm) Thunderstorms, a reported tornado, and associated wind and rain affected parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin on Thursday, June 1st, 2000. Rivers reportedly over-flowed their banks and several homes were destroyed in southeastern Wisconsin. Flooding along the Pecatonica River also shut down a highway bridge.

CHINA (flood) According to the AP the Guangming Daily reported that 4 people died and more than 3,000 structures were destroyed after heavy rainfall triggered flash floods in parts of southwestern China.

MEXICO (flood) Last Thursday heavy rains and associated flooding around Mexico City reportedly left five people dead and several sections of highway were inundated. Sewage waters from a canal that overflowed its banks reportedly inundated parts of the Chalco suburb.

UNITED KINGDOM (flood) The BBC reported that 30 hours of continuous rainfall caused flash flooding in parts of Northern England, but particularly West Yorkshire, and also caused the Calder River to overflow its banks. 80 families were reportedly evacuated from West Yorkshire. Many homes were left without electricity.

UNITED STATES (drought) The AP reported that the third year of dry weather is threatening several endangered species and other wildlife throughout the southeastern states; in particular various mollusks, fish, and birds.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 06/12/00

AFGHANISTAN (drought) According to a recent FAO/GIEWS report, dry conditions affecting the entire country, but particularly the south and south-western regions, are in part to blame for an expected 44 percent decrease in 2000 cereal output from the 1999 drought affected crop.

CHINA (flood) The Xinhua reported that flooding in the counties of Dangchang and Minxian in the northwest Gansu Province on May 31 left 36 people dead and thousands homeless.

IRAQ (drought) Reuters reported that Iraq expects a poor harvest this year, in part due to acute drought.

KENYA (drought) Various news reports covering the drought in Kenya mentioned that Baboons and other wild animals are apparently roaming into villages in search of food, and several confrontations and injuries have resulted. In addition Maasai pastoralists have reportedly driven their cattle to parts of the Mount Kenyan forest in search of food. In other reports, people in remote areas were reportedly hunting species of animal not normally eaten, in order meet food requirements.

MADAGASCAR (drought) OCHA reported that drought affecting southern parts of the country has reduced crop production of maize, rice, cassava, and other crops. The most affected areas according to the report are, "Lake Aloatra Region (covering the Sub-Prefectures of Ambatondrazaka, Amparafaravola and Andilamena); the Central East Coast Region (covering the Sub-Predectures of Vatomandry, Mahanoro, Marolambo, Antanambao and Manamposty); and the Vakinankaratra Region (covering Antsirabe, Faratsiho, Antanifosty and Betafo)."

Impacts Reported for the month as of 06/15/00

ARGENTINA (snow storm) A snowstorm in the Andes reportedly stranded some three hundred trucks along highways. Resorts expected a rise in the number of skiers with the newly fallen snow.

CHILE (storm) According to the AP 75% of the streets in the capital city were submerged after several days of heavy rainfall. Central and southern parts of the country were also affected by the floods, and some 60,000 people have been reportedly displaced. Santiago and Valparaiso were declared disaster zones.

CHINA (heatwave) The AP reported that an early summer heat wave affecting Beijing has resulted in brownouts and, combined with ongoing dry conditions, could possibly cause water rationing in the city.

INDIA (flood) According to the AP, heavy monsoon rains triggered flooding in Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. 20 fatalities resulted and some 10,000 people have been marooned. 4,000 cattle were reportedly killed, and the flooding could possibly threaten the Kaziranga National Park.

MEXICO (flood, landslide) Flooding and landslides in the southern state of Oaxaca have caused 120 deaths according to the Xinhua. The report stated that the landslides and fatalities primarily occurred in the Acatlan de Perez Figueroa municipality. According to COMTEX several weeks worth of rainfall in the Yucatan peninsula and in parts of central Mexico has caused flash flooding and landslides which have in turn resulted in 14 deaths in the states of Chiapas, Mexico, Tabasco, Veracruz and Zacatecas.

NEW ZEALAND (winter storm) A winter storm affecting Canterbury reportedly cut power to certain areas and damaged rooftops of some homes.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 06/22/00

CHINA (flood) The AP reported that storms over the Fujian province resulted in flooding this past Saturday. Most damage occurred in Quanzhou City where thirty-three deaths and ten injuries were reported.

MEXICO (landslides) Rain associated with tropical cyclone Carlotta caused mudslides in the some of the southern states of Mexico. 6 to 8 deaths have been reported.

NICARAGUA (flood) The AP reported that heavy rains and associated flooding along the south Atlantic coast of the country caused the Escondido River to overflow and affect Rama city, Some 5,500 people have reportedly been displaced.

PAKISTAN (drought, heatwave) The Hindustan Times reported that drought and a heatwave claimed 24 lives in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

TANZANIA (drought) PANA reported that drought affecting Tanzania, in particular the eastern, north-eastern and central regions of Arusha, Mara, Morogoro, Tanga, Kilimanjaro, Tabora, Singida, Shinyanga and Dodoma., has left 1 million people possibly experiencing acute food shortages.

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