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Climate Information Project (CIP): July 2000- Last Updated August 7th, 2000


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the CIP are archived at:

Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/05/00

BOTSWANA (drought) PANA reported that according to Botswana president Festus Mogae, flooding and quelea birds have caused an 8 percent grain deficit in the country. Heavy rainfall in February of 2000 reportedly flooded much farmland and damaged crops.

CROATIA (fire) See Romania

ETHIOPIA (flood) The Monitor reported that floods in Nazareth town, just outside of Addis Ababa, reportedly washed away a bus last Thursday, thereby killing some 60 people. Several others were injured.

IRAN (drought) The AFP reported that protests broke out in the town of Abadan over a lack of drinking water caused by recent heat waves and drought.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon) Several media sources reported that Typhoon Kirogi has caused flooding in the northern reaches of the Philippines. Reports have noted between 5 and 11 deaths, several injured, and damage to property, including farmland.

ROMANIA (fire) Several news sources reported that a heat wave affecting much of southeastern Europe was responsible for fires in Romania. Fires, also caused by the heat wave and drought, were affecting Croatia. Several villages and homes had been burned as a result.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/09/00

CHINA (flood) According to the AP the China Daily reported that flooding in China during the current rainy season has killed 410 people. In addition 110,000 houses, 86,500 acres of crops and 55 miles of roads, have been damaged for an estimated loss of $16 million.

JAPAN (typhoon) Media sources reported that typhoon Kirogi hit Japan on Saturday resulting in two deaths. 20,000 homes were temporarily without power and 100 domestic flights were canceled. The festival hall of a shrine on Kozushima, island was also demolished.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon)-update Media sources have reported that at least 27 people have died as a result of flooding and landslides associated with typhoon Kirogi and Kai-Tak. 400,000 people have also reportedly been displaced from their homes.

SUDAN (drought) The AP reported that late rains around Juba have dramatically reduced this season's crop.

TURKEY (heat wave) The Jerusalem Post reported that a heat wave in Turkey claimed 11 lives, and poultry producers in the country estimated five million chickens died as a result of the heat.

UNITED STATES (drought) The AP reported that the Federal Government opened reserve agricultural land to farmers and ranchers in 21 counties in Missouri so that they might cut hay. Drought has reportedly parched many of their fields and pastures.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/11/00

CHINA (rainstorms)- update Xinhua reported that rainstorms in China's southwest Sichuan province are responsible for the deaths of 10 people, and injuries of at least 68 more since July 1st. Floods and landslides have also resulted in damage to numerous homes, power lines and highways.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon)-update Media sources report that at least 91 are dead in Manila following the collapse of a city dumpsite onto an area known as the Promised Land 51; a region of shacks, huts, and lean-tos.  The dump is reportedly only one-tenth of a square mile in size, but garbage is piled up nearly seven stories in some areas.  The heavy rains of Kai-Tak are believed to be responsible for weakening the site, and therefore causing the garbage slide.  As the garbage slid over homes it caught fire, burning and burying people alive.  Claims as to the number of individuals still missing range from 72-300 as rescue efforts continue.

UKRAINE (storms) Media sources report that flooding caused by strong storms forced the closure of Chernobyl nuclear power facility on Monday.  The facility's basement and diesel generator, which keeps the reactor running safely, were flooded.  The facility is expected to beginning running again on July 17th.  The strong thunderstorms are also responsible for at least one death in the area.

WILDFIRES The AP reported that Bulgaria and Greece declared states of emergency on Monday as a result of the wildfires raging across southeastern Europe.  The sustained heat wave throughout the area is believed to be responsible for more than 50 deaths in the past week.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/13/00

GREECE (heat wave) Media sources report that wildfires, caused by the on-going heat wave occurring in southeastern Europe, continue on the resort island of Samos.  Greece has suffered hundreds of fires as a result of the heat wave during the past week, and Samos has suffered most drastically as one-fifth of the island has been burned.   Images of the fires and hotspots are available in the 07.12.00 Daily Report of the Operational and Significant Event Imagery Group made available at

INDIA (storms) Media sources report that days of torrential rains caused a septic tank to flood and then burst, leading to an avalanche of rocks, mud and sewage onto the eastern Bombay suburb of Ghatkopar.  The avalanche buried more than 200 hovels, killing at least 58 people with somewhere between 30 and 40 people still missing.  Bombay reportedly received nearly 14 inches of rain in a 24-hour period, with forecasts of further heavy rains and strong winds to come.  India57;s western state of Maharashtra has suffered from a week of heavy rains, which have resulted in the deaths of at least 80 individuals.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon) News reports indicate that at least 137 people have died as a result of the rain-induced garbage slide in Manila.  The collapse of garbage onto more than 200 shanties occurred three days ago, and more than 150 individuals are still believed to be buried beneath the garbage.  Rain has continued to fall causing the region where search teams are focusing their efforts to become flooded, thus hampering rescue efforts and increasing the threat of infection.  As well, more rain is expected to fall in the area as weather forecasters have reported a new storm, locally known as Gloring, located 250 miles east-southeast of Manila and heading toward the island of Luzon.z

THAILAND (flood) News reports indicate that a 60;thousand-year rain; on Tuesday evening caused flooding in Udon Thani.  The local meteorological office recorded a provincial record high, 174.5mm or 10.8 inches, of rain in the region on Tuesday night.  The flooding was worsened by overflow from two reservoirs, and more rain is forecasted for the immediate future.  As a result of the flooding streets remain submerged, schools closed, flights on Thai International Airways were cancelled Wednesday, and two deaths have resulted.  In Chiang Rai the floods have also affected approximately 1,000 rai of farmland within the districts of Phan, Mae Lao, Muang and Khuntan.  Other regions that have been warned about future flooding include: Loei, Udon Thani, Nakhon Phnom, Sakhon Nakhon, Kalasin, Maha Sarakham, Roi-et, Surin, Buri Ram, Si Sa Ket, Yasothorn, Amnat Charoen and Ubon Ratchathani.

TURKEY (heat wave) The AP reported that as a result of the heat wave occurring in southeastern Europe the Turkish government declared holidays for state offices on Thursday and Friday.  The order came following a request by the Health Ministry for offices to be closed from 11am to 4pm - the hottest portion of the day.  The heat wave has been responsible for the deaths of at least 12 individuals.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/17/00

CANADA (tornado) Media sources report that 11 people have died as a result of the F-3 tornado that touched down at Green Acres campground, on Pine Lake Friday evening. Winds up to 300 km/hr tore the Alberta campground apart for 15 minutes, injuring nearly 140 individuals. Campers, trailers and other vehicles were thrown about on land, as well as into the water. Rescue divers were brought in to look for wreckage and survivors, as approximately 70 of the 400 on-site trailers were reportedly thrown into the lake. The tornado is the worst Canada has seen since 1987 when an F-4 tornado resulted in the deaths of 27 individuals in Edmonton, Alberta.

CHINA (drought)-update The AP reports that farmers of eastern China's drought stricken region fought with police on July 6th in order to ensure that access to a reservoir was not blocked by the government. The clash resulted in 140 injured individuals, and the death of one officer. Drought in the region has been so severe that 35 million acres of crops have been destroyed this year, and 16.2 million people are short on water.

CHINA (landslide)-update Media sources report that landslides triggered by torrential rains in China's northwest Chaanxi province have resulted in the deaths of nearly 130 people. Two landslides, one last Friday, and one Monday the 17th, occurred. Friday's landslide in Huxian county resulted in 9 deaths, and 4 missing individuals, while today's landslide in the Ziyang district is responsible for 119 deaths and 30 missing individuals. These deaths increase the total number of deaths resulting from torrential rains in China to 560.

CHINA (tornado)-update Media sources report that at least 29 people have died as a result of the tornado that struck both Yangzhou and Taizhou cities in the province of Jiangsu Thursday afternoon. More than 4,000 homes were destroyed and an estimated 4 million yuan ($480, 000 US) are reported in agricultural losses, including 20, 000 hectares of paddy fields and 5,300 hectares of cotton farms. WEATHER EXTREMES News reports indicate that 15 individuals near Buenos Aires, Argentina, and 7 near Porto Alegre, Brazil have died as a result of unusually cold weather. Many of the deaths in Argentina are blamed on faulty heating systems, as three children died in a wooden house that caught fire as a result of a short circuit in an electric heater. In southern Brazil, as temperatures dropped to -5C, or 23F, individuals without heat died of hypothermia, and children have been affected by respiratory problems. In Florianopolis, the Santa Catarina state capital, Civil Defense officials are attempting to aid the poor and homeless, while the Health Ministry hopes to begin distributing medication. According to meteorologists the cold weather is a result of an Antarctic front moving up through Argentina.

WILDFIRES Media sources report that two air force pilots died Saturday as they flew into a mountain on the east coast of Greece while attempting to extinguish one of many wildfires burning across southeast Europe. A state of emergency has been declared in Corinth, Greece 50 miles southwest of the capital as fires in this region have been most severe, destroying both forests and homes. In Bulgaria the wildfires have taken three lives and injured numerous others, while destroying 27, 000 hectares of forest across the country.

CHINA (drought) The AP reported that the Songhua River, which has been dry since June 19th, in the Zhaoyuan County, remains dry as many suffer from drought. According to the article the province of Heilongiang has received 70% less rainfall than usual for its supposed rainy season that begins in May, and has also suffered from high temperatures. 40 million people are estimated to live in the Songhua Basin, and the river is an important irrigation source for some of China's richest grain growing regions.

INDIA (flood) The AP reported that the Godavari River overflowed on Saturday (15th) forcing 20,000 individuals to be evacuated by officials. Persistent rains in the region of Andhra Pradesh and nearby Mahrashtra have caused the river to rise above the danger mark in several places. Roads were reported to be under five feet of water in the pilgrim town of Bhadrachalam, 280 miles northeast of Hyderabad.

RUSSIA (mudslide) The AP reported on Thursday (13th) that 500 individuals were evacuated on Wednesday following mudslides that affected a town in Russias Caucausus Mountains. 7 people died and at least 8 were injured as the slides occurred in Tymauz in the Kabardino-Balkaria region.

SOUTH KOREA (storms) Media sources report that nearly 16 inches of torrential rain fell in South Korea on Saturday (15th). The capital city of Seoul and the heavily populated province of Kyonggi suffered the most as 9 people died and four remain missing. According to the Xinhua the South Korean National Anti-Disaster Headquarters announced Monday (17th) that 25.5 billion won, or 23 million U.S. dollars, worth of property had been destroyed, while 12, 917 hectares of farmland were flooded, and 2, 586 people lost their homes.

UNITED STATES (wildfire) The AP reported that by Sunday (16th) evening 17, 000 acres of Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado the nation's largest archaeological preserve had been destroyed by wildfire. It is believed that lightning caused the fire to begin on Thursday.

VIETNAM (flood) Reuters reported that 33 deaths have occurred in Northern Vietnam during this past week as a result of heavy rainfall. 20 of these deaths occurred as individuals were buried under landslides in the Lao Cai province. The heavy rainfall has also caused damage to the Southern Mekong Delta rice bowl crop. According to Reuters the Tuoi Tre newspaper reported on Tuesday that more than 300, 000 hectares of rice paddies in 5 Mekong Delta provinces had been inundated with floodwaters.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/28/00

ETHIOPIA (drought) PANA reported that according to a government press report on Thursday (27th) heavy rains in Northwestern Ethiopia have prevented drought relief food from reaching approximately 96,000 people in Janamora and Yeda Woredas of the north Gondar Zone. According to the Amharic language daily, Addis Zemen, 30 freight trucks have been stuck in thick mud on the highway since Saturday. These 30 trucks are blocking an additional 65 trucks, preventing completion of their route as well. THAILAND (flood) The AP reported that according to Thailand's Ministry of Health report on Thursday (27th) floods in the northern regions of Thailand have aided the spread of rat urine disease leptospirosis - which has killed 70 people this year. The Ministry's statement also said that 1,639 individuals have been infected by leptospirosis, which is transmitted through rat urine, during the first half of this year. In addition, the statement pointed out that the Northeast provinces, which are exposed to the most flooding, have the highest rates of infection.

UGANDA (drought) The Xinhua reported that 30 of 45 districts in Uganda have been affected by drought thereby resulting in food situations. Top officials visited the districts of Moroto and Kotido on Wednesday to access the famine situation following press reports that 115 Ugandans had died of starvation in that region.

UNITED STATES (tornado) Various media sources reported that one person died and 15 others were injured following the tornado that struck Granite Falls, Minnesota on Tuesday (25th) evening. The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported on Friday that 40 homes were destroyed and 300 others damaged, as the tornado left 8.1 million dollars in damages to homes and other properties. Debris from the tornado was so heavy that snowplows were used initially to clear the roads for rescue workers.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 07/31/00

BRAZIL (mudslides) Media sources reported that eight people are dead following mudslides that occurred on Monday (31st) . Heavy rains triggered the mudslides, and it is feared that more may be dead, as rescue teams could not reach all affected areas. The cities of Recife and Olinda saw at least 39 different mudslides throughout the day, as more than 1,000 individuals were left homeless.

CAMBODIA (floods) Reuters reported that on Monday (31st), Cambodia announced that severe floods that have occurred since the beginning of July have resulted in more than $6 million in damages, and between 10 and 15 deaths. According to Reuters, the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) has reported that 630, 000 individuals live in flooded areas, and more than 19, 000 hectares of rice and other crops have been destroyed. Reuters also reported that according to the National Committee on Disaster Management fewer people than reported by the CRC have been affected, but more crops have been destroyed.

CUBA (drought) According to the EFE via COMTEX the past eight months have brought severe drought to Cuba's eastern provinces and conditions are expected to worsen. A special bulletin reported that rainfall levels are expected to drop below record-breaking lows in Cuba's eastern and central provinces during the months of August, September and October. According to meteorologists most of the island is currently affected by the drought, but the areas suffering the most are the provinces of Pinar del Rio, Havana especially the south -, Camaguey, Granma, Holguin and Santiago, as well as 2 municipalities in Guantanamo. The weather center attached to Cuba's Meteorological Institute has reported that the drought is comparable in extent and duration to the droughts of 1986, 1993 and 1998.

UNITED STATES (drought) According to the AP Governor George W. Bush declared a state of disaster for 195 drought-stricken counties in Texas on Friday (28th). 35 deaths have been blamed on heat this summer in Texas, and as wildfires continue the Governor believes federal assistance is needed.

UNITED STATES (floods) The AP reported that severe thunderstorms, which dumped between 4 and 7.5 inches of rain in Bucks County on Sunday (30th), just outside northeastern Philadelphia caused flash floods to occur. According to a Red Cross spokesman approximately 100 homes were affected. Power outages at the height of the storm caused some 12,000 customers to be without power in Delaware, Montgomery and Bucks County. In addition, 25-30 individuals were evacuated on Sunday.

UNITED STATES (wildfires) The AP reported that wildfires continue as a half million acres were inundated by fires throughout ten states on Monday(31st). In the past two weeks 537, 791 acres have been destroyed by nearly 50 fires across Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. According to the AP a spokeswoman for the National Interagency Fire Center in Boise Idaho reported that this has been the worst fire season since 1988.

BRAZIL (mudslides) Reuters reported that 47 are dead following the mudslides triggered by 5 days of torrential rain on Monday (31st). The states of Pernambuco and Alagoas, located in northeast Brazil, have declared states of emergency or high alert in 46 cities or towns. The flooding in the region is reportedly the worst seen in 25 years.

BRAZIL (mudslides)-update The Associated Press reported that 9 more bodies were found, bringing the death toll of those who died in Monday's (31st) mudslides to 56. In addition, nearly 145,000 individuals have fled from their homes in Alagoas and Pernambuco, seeking shelter.

GEORGIA (Former Soviet Union) (drought) The ITAR-TASS reported that nearly all of Eastern Georgia is affected by drought. Approximately 75% of crops have reportedly been destroyed as a result of the drought, and the Finance Ministry has made a damage estimate of 52 million U.S. dollars.

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