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Climate Information Project (CIP): February 2000- Last Updated February 29th, 2000


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the CIP are archived at:

Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 01/31/00 - 02/04/00

BOLIVIA (flood) According to the AP, the Government of Bolivia reported that flash floods broke a crude oil pipeline, thereby spilling oil in the Desaguadero River that flows into Lake Poopo.

KENYA (drought) Media sources reported that according to the WFP seasonal rains had not alleviated the current drought and that some 2.7 million people were in need of food aid.

MIDDLE EAST (snow storm) A snowstorm affecting the Middle East has resulted in a total of nine fatalities from several countries including Israel, Iran, and Jordan. Many roads have reportedly been blocked or made impassible by the snow.

MOZAMBIQUE (flood) As reported by PANA, flooding that began with the onset of the rainy season has affected 113,000 people in the Maputo and Gaza provinces. 18 fatalities have resulted.

PHILIPPINES (flood) According to the Philippine Star, flash floods and landslides since last week have resulted in 20 fatalities and affected 35,000 families in the provinces of Agusan, Surigao, and Davao as well as the Compostela Valley.

REUNION (cyclone) According to the AP, tropical cyclone Connie, affecting the island of Reunion over the weekend, resulted in 2 deaths while leaving at least 600 people homeless. One hundred homes were reportedly destroyed.

SERBIA (cold, snow) Cold temperatures and blizzards have sharply increased energy demands throughout Serbia, which in turn have strained the energy infrastructure. Serbian officials enforced power outages, such as two-hour power cuts in Belgrade, in order to conserve energy.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 02/07/00 - 02/11/00

HUNGARY (flood) Media sources reported that flooding in Hungary has left some 325,000 hectares inundated. 103,000 of this is planted cropland.

MONGOLIA (snow and cold) OCHA reported that snowstorms and cold weather affecting Mongolia in January resulted in livestock losses in the provinces of Bayanhongor, Dundgobi, Omnogobi, Huvsgul, Zavhan, Ovorhangai, Uvs, Dornogobi, and Gobi-Altai. A total of 140,337 cattle and 241,057 sheep or goats reportedly perished.

PHILIPPINES (flood)- Update Reuters reported that last week's flooding, which affected some 300 villages in the southern Philippines, has resulted in 23 fatalities and caused $4.1 million in damage to crops. 50 houses were reportedly destroyed.

SOUTHERN AFRICA (flood)-Update Media sources as well as the IRIN reported that recent rainfall has caused flooding in South Africa and Mozambique. Between 35 and 38 deaths have been reported in South Africa with the Northern Province and the Mpumalanga province significantly affected. Damage to infrastructure in Mpumalanga is believed to be around $39.4 million USD. In addition parts of the Kruger National Park have been flooded. Flooding in Mozambique has reportedly displaced some 100,000 people while damaging roads and bridges around Maputo. Mozambique Finance Minister Luisa Diogo reported $15 million USD worth of damage to Maputo. Transport along main roads connecting Mozambique and South Africa has reportedly been disrupted, as well as roads between South Africa and Botswana. OCHA reported that several days of heavy rainfall over Botswana resulted in some 4,000 houses/huts being destroyed and affected 25,000 people. Media sources reported one death in Botswana related to the recent flooding as well as significant damage to roads and rail.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 02/15/00- 2/21/00

SOUTHERN AFRICA (flood)- Update Media sources reported that deaths related to the flooding in Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa, and Swaziland now total at least 74. More than a week's worth of heavy rainfall has damaged or destroyed bridges, roads, rails, water systems, and other infrastructure throughout the region.

UNITED STATES (tornado) Tornadoes affecting Georgia early Monday have, according to media reports, resulted in 18 fatalities while injuring another 100 people. Mitchell County was reportedly the worst affected area. In addition, strong winds and hail in Alabama left 22,000 people temporarily without power. In the Florida Panhandle one or more tornadoes reportedly destroyed four houses while damaging another 40, and in Arkansas two tornadoes reportedly damaged or destroyed a dozen buildings while injuring two people. Images of the frontal system are available at:

MADAGASCAR (cyclone) CNN reported that according to reports received by Meteo-France, 80% of the town of Mahanoro was destroyed by tropical cyclone Eline. The AFP reported seven deaths occurred as a result of the cyclone.

MOZAMBIQUE (flood)- Update Flooding caused by several weeks of rainfall has reportedly displaced some 300,000 people while affecting as many as 800,000. Various media sources have reported unofficial death tolls at between 48 and 150. Roads, bridges, and other infrastructure have been severely affected. Several media reports noted concern over possible disease outbreaks and unearthed landmines.

NAMIBIA (flood) The AP reported that 5,000 people were displaced after the Fish River overflowed its banks.

UNITED STATES (flood) Flooding along the Licking River in Kentucky reportedly caused 3 fatalities. Flooding in West Virginia prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency for 19 counties. According to the AP and Nando, flooding in West Virginia resulted in damage to 77 homes and 55 businesses in Gilmer County. Four fatalities were also reported.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 02/22/00- 2/28/00

AUSTRALIA (flood) The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that flooding in Winton required the evacuation of 12 homes, two motels, and a caravan park. 11 people were reported to have been temporarily stranded by the floods.

BOTSWANA (flood) Flooding caused by heavy rains earlier in February have, according to the FAO, resulted in 4,000 homes destroyed and 25,000 people affected.

MADAGASCAR (cyclone) OCHA reported that tropical cyclone Eline (11s) caused 6 deaths, 1 injury, and affected 30 people in Marolambo, 150 people in Vatomandry, as well as 2,500 in Mahanoro. Several roads were also reportedly disconnected between "Vatomandry-Mahanoro, Antanabao-Mananpotsy-Ilaka-Vatomandry, and Marolambo-Mahanoro."

MOZAMBIQUE (flood)-Update Damage associated with flooding caused by weeks of heavy rainfall was further exacerbated as tropical cyclone Eline affected parts of Mozambique. According to Reuters, President Chissano appealed for international assistance for the estimated 800,000 persons affected by both the recent floods and cyclone. ACT equated the persons affected to 220,000 families. Various media sources have reported between 200,000 and 300,000 people made homeless by the two events. In addition reports have estimated between 48 and 150 fatalities. Together with the recent flooding, the cyclone is reported to have caused much damage to dwellings, roads, bridges, and other infrastructure. PANA noted that two of three major dams in the southern regions of the country had exceeded the maximum theoretical capacity. Flooding, damaged roads, and winds reportedly hampered and stalled current relief efforts in parts of the country. Images and .avi (movies) of the cyclone over Mozambique are available in today's daily report at:

ROMANIA (snow) Media sources reported that melting snow is washing cyanide into wells other water supplies around Baia Mare. The cyanide was released after a containment reservoir spilled contaminated water on Jan. 30 into the Tisza and Danube.

AUSTRALIA (tropical cyclone, flood) Following flooding in northern Queensland last week, tropical cyclone Steve added to the damage this weekend it as struck the northern regions of the state. Cairns and Mareeba were reported as the worst affected areas, with some 40,000 homes in Cairns without electricity and water supplies rationed in both areas. Reuters reported that some two-thirds of Queensland was under water, while New South Wales, Northern Territory, and South Australia were also experiencing flooding of various degrees. Costs to the sugar cane industry are estimated at $63 million USD, while thousands of sheep have reportedly drowned in parts of Queensland and New South Wales.

KENYA (drought) The AP reported that according to a local Roman Catholic Priest, drought in the Turkana district had resulted in the death of some 5,000 cows, donkeys and camels.

MOROCCO (drought) According to media reports, the Islamic Affairs Ministry of Morocco appealed for it citizens to pray for rain. Drought has reportedly left dams in the country at half the normal level.

SOUTHERN AFRICA (flood) Media sources reported that deaths related to flooding in southern Africa, in part due to tropical Cyclone Eline (11s) has resulted in some 200 deaths in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Botswana.

UNITED STATES (storm) Strong winds and rain reportedly caused some 570 car accidents in southern California last Wednesday.

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