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Climate Information Project (CIP): April 2000- Last Updated April 28th, 2000


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the CIP are archived at:

Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 04/01/00 - 04/10/00

Cyclone Tessi affected parts of northern Queensland. In particular Townsville experienced a landslide that caused damage to homes and other structures. 35,000 people in Queensland have been left without power as a result of the storm, and several roads around Townsville were also closed.

CENTRAL AMERICA (fire) Fires, hotspots, and smoke were noted in parts of Central America. Images are available on the March 31, 2000. Daily Report of the NOAA-NESDIS Operational and Significant Imagery Group; located on the web at:

MADAGASCAR (cyclone Hudah) Passing over northeastern Madagascar late Sunday, tropical cyclone Hudah severely affected the city of Antalaha. According to various media reports, one person was injured while either no or two deaths were reported. Damage to houses, schools, phone service, and other infrastructure was reportedly widespread in Antalaha, as well as Andapa and Maroantsetra.

Impacts Reported for the month as of 04/10/00 - 04/26/00

CHINA (drought) The AP reported that drought affecting China's northern provinces of Henan and Shaanxi has significantly affected the winter wheat crop. Drought in Shandong has also affected crop production.

CENTRAL AMERICA (fire) Fires and hotspots were noted in Central America. Images are available in the archives of the NOAA/OSEI daily reports located at:

INDIA (drought) Media sources reported that severe drought is affecting the provinces of Gujarat and Rajasthan where some 50 million people are affected.

INDIA (heat wave) Reuters reported that a heat wave is adversely affecting the many made homeless by last year's October cyclone. The lack of shelter and poor quality of temporary housing has reportedly made it difficult for people to escape the heat. Seven deaths have been reported in the region, and Reuters noted that local media stated farm labor had been particularly hard hit by the recent heat wave.

MADAGASCAR (cyclone Hudah) Reuters reported that cyclone Hudah destroyed at least half of the county's vanilla crop.

ROMANIA and HUNGARY(flood) Heavy rainfall and snowmelt in early April caused flooding along the Danube and Tisza Rivers that left one person dead in Hungary and another 9 in Romania. OCHA also reported the following impacts in Romania: 431 homeless people, 497 stricken localities, 28 isolated localities, 4,185 damaged houses, 5,540 damaged householders, 2 localities without water supply, 93,294 hectors of flooded agricultural lands, 27 affected social - cultural buildings, 735 damaged bridges and footbridges, 2 damaged hydrotechnical works, 14.6 km damaged dams, 36 km affected national roads, 182 km affected country roads, 320 km affected local roads and 1,8 km damaged railway.

SOMALIA (drought, cholera) The AP reported that parts of drought-affected southwestern Somalia were suffering from cholera outbreaks as water supplies became contaminated. 400 people have reportedly died of cholera in the last two weeks.

UNITED KINGDOM (flood) The Free Press reported that last week's rainstorm and associated flooding in London may have caused damages totaling $1 million USD.

UNITED STATES (tornado) Tornadoes affected Shreveport, Louisiana on the 19th, injuring more than a dozen people and damaging twenty homes.

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