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Selected U.S. City
and State Extremes

September 1999

Source NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices and compiled by NCDC. Last Updated 10/05/99

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1. Mt Washington, NH recorded 69 degrees on September 5. This was the warmest September temperature ever breaking the old record of 67 degrees set in 1960 on the 9th and it was only 3 degrees shy of the alltime record of 72 set on August 2, 1975. During the string from the 1st through the 6th, 4 daily records were exceeded and 2 were tied.

2. On September 7, 8 and 9, many New England stations, such as Providence, Boston, Portland, Hartford and Blue Hill established new minimum records for warmth for those days with temperatures generally cooling to only the low 70s at night.

3. On September 20, the temperature at Fairbanks, AK fell to 32 degrees which is the 4th latest freeze on record. The 131 day growing season was the third longest at the site surpassed only by 1973 and 1974. The 1974 occurrence had both the longest growing season (144 days) and the latest freeze on September 27.

4. The September 20 maximum temperature at Houston, TX, 99 degrees, was the latest date that this temperature has occurred at this site.

5. Eugene, OR recorded a low of 31 degrees on September 28th, and this was both the coldest reading for the month of September and the coldest temperature so early in the autumn. The previous earliest autumn temperature below 32 degrees was 30 on October 1, 1954.

6. The 21 degree reading in Pueblo, CO on September 29th broke the previous record for the date, 27 degrees, set in 1985. This is also the coldest September temperature ever recorded at the site, with the previous coldest temperature the 27 degree reading in 1985.

7. Alamosa, CO observed a minimum temperature of 15 degrees on September 29th. This tied the all-time monthly minimum temperature set on September 30, 1985.

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1. The 6.30" of rainfall that fell at Windsor Locks, CT on September 16th was a new 24-hour record for the month. The previous September record was 6.10" on September 20, 1938, the date of the Great New England Hurricane.

2. 13.38" of rain fell at Wilmington, NC on September 15 to establish a new all time 24-hour record for a single day. The old record was 9.52" on September 29th, 1938. In addition, 14.84" fell in 24 hours from the 15th-16th, setting a new all-time 24 hour record for the site. The old record was also the 1938 event. The total rainfall for September 1999 was 23.45". The previous record month was21.12" set in July 1886, the previous September record was 20.10" set in 1877.

3. At Philadelphia, PA the 6.63" of rain on September 16 set a new all time 24 hour record. The previous record of 5.89" was set on August 3-4, 1898. Also, the 13.07" of rainfall that fell at Philadelphia, PA in September set a new all time monthly record for the site. The previous September and any-month records were 12.09" in 1882 and 12.10" in August 1911.

4. The 5.60" of rain that fell at Albany, NY on September 16 was the greatest 24-hour precipitation measurement at the site which dates back to 1874. The previous 24-hour record was 4.75" on October 8-9, 1903. Total precipitation for September at Albany, NY was 9.90" establishing a new monthly record total for the site. The previous record for September was 8.91" set in 1890.

5. The 0.35" of rainfall that fell at Dallas-Fort Worth, TX on the 5th ended a 56 consecutive day string with no measurable precipitation. The only longer strings occurred in November-December 1950 and May-July 1934, each lasting 58 days.

6. Raleigh-Durham, NC set a 112 year record for monthly precipitation with 21.80" recorded in September, 1999. This total is over 50% of the stations annual average precipitation of 41.43" The previous wettest month was September 1996 with 16.65" much of which fell due to Hurricane Fran.

7. As of 5am, September 27, the total rainfall at Wichita, KA since the evening of the 26th is 7.46". The 24-hour record total is 7.99" set on September 6-7, 1911. Rainfall records already set during this episode are:

                 New Record
30  min            2.29"            Old record of     2.28   June 11, 1970
1  hour            3.85"            Old record of     2.61   September 17, 1905
2  hour            4.89"            Old record of     3.54   September 6-7, 1911
3  hour            5.63"            Old record of     4.94   September 6-7, 1911
In addition, the September total for Wichita is 10.69" which breaks the 1945 record of 10.58". The wettest month ever observed for Wichita was June 1923 with 14.43".

8. Burlington, VT received a total of 10.25" of rain in September, making it the wettest September and second wettest month since records began in 1884. The previous second place record was 10.13" set in November 1927. The all time wettest month occurred in August 1955 with 11.54". The 10.25" received this month is .95" more than was received for the months of April-August 1999.

9. St Johnsbury, VT recorded a total of 8.59" in September which is the wettest September and fourth wettest month on record. The all time record is 10.25" occurring in June 1855.

10. The total precipitation at Sioux Falls, SD for August-September 1999 is 1.64". This ties 1990 for the driest August-September time period since records began in 1890.

11. Tupelo, MS experienced its driest September on record with just .05" of precipitation occurring, breaking the previous record set just last year (1998). Tupelo has recorded only 1.00" of rain since July 10th.

12. Spokane, WA tied its driest September with only a trace of precipitation occurring. The old record was a trace in 1990.

13. The trace of rainfall occurring at Lewiston, ID in September tied the driest September record set in 1975.

14. Williamsport, PA experienced its wettest September and second wettest month on record with 12.60" occurring this month. The September record was 10.02" set in 1975. The wettest month was June 1972 with 16.80" and much of that precipitation was associated with Hurricane Agnes

15. The 4.27" of rainfall at Aberdeen, SD in September 1999 was the 5th wettest September amount on record.

16. Only 0.66" of rain fell at Paducah, KY in September 1999 making it the second driest September on record. The driest occurred just last year (1998) when only 0.12" of rain fell.

17. September 1999 was the second driest September on record in over 100 years of record-keeping at Evansville, IN. Only 0.39" fell for the month.

18. The September rainfall total of 11.90" at Blue Hills, MA set a record for the month. The previous record was 11.04" set in 1933. Records began at Blue Hills in 1885.

22. An all time monthly precipitation record was set at Wilmington, DE with 12.68" occurring in September 1999. The previous monthly record was 12.63" in July 1989. The previous September record was 9.53" in 1960.

23. The 6.50" of rain that fell at Fargo, ND in September established a new record for the month The previous record was set in 1889 when 6.27" of precipitation was recorded.

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