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Selected U.S. City
and State Extremes

October 1999

Source NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices and compiled by NCDC. Last Updated 10/18/99

Temperature / Dewpoint





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1. The maximum temperature of 43 degrees at Rochester, MN on October 3rd was the third consecutive occurrence of a record breaking low maximum temperature.

2. The minimum temperature at Brownsville, TX remained in the 60s on October 28. This ended a period of 10 consecutive days with minimum temperatures below 60 degrees and tied the October record for the most consecutive days with temperatures below 60. The only other October in the station history period of record with this occurrence was in 1993.

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1. The .90" of precipitation that fell on October 7, 1999 at Colorado Springs, CO brought the yearly total to 26.17". This set a new annual record with nearly 3 months left in 1999. The previous record was 25.43" in 1965. The least annual precipitation ever recorded was 6.07" in 1939. Records for the location began in 1900.

2. On October 9th, 2.71" of rain fell at Louisville, KY, exceeding their record low July-September total of 2.01"

3. Rainfall at both Chattanooga and Knoxville, TN on October 9-10 totaled 2.97" and 1.90", respectively. These surpassed the stations’ record low August precipitation of 1.07" at Chattanooga and 1.67" at Knoxville.

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1. The 2.7" of snow that fell at Sioux Falls, SD on October 1st was the heaviest snowfall for so early in the season. Only one other measurable snowfall occurred earlier and that was 0.9" on September 28, 1985.

2. La Crosse, WI measured 0.3" of snow on October 1st for the earliest measurable snowfall on record for the site. The previous earliest measurable snowfall occurred on October 13, 1959. On average, the first measurable snowfall normally occurs around November 19. Snowfall records at the airport site began in 1948.

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1. None Reported.

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1. None Reported.

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