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Climate Information Project (CIP): November 1999 - Last Updated November 29th, 1999


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

The Rapid Response Project (RRP) has been reformed as the Climate Information Project (CIP). The weekly summaries of climate-weather impacts, monthly summaries of climate conditions, and all other previous RRP activities will be continued under the CIP.

*The information provided in the CIP updates are gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the CIP are archived at: Climate Information Project

Climate Information Project: The summaries are broken down into several reports.

Impacts Reported as of 11/01/99- 11/05/99

ETHIOPIA (flood) Reuters reported that in late October, according to the Walta News Agency, flooding in eastern Ethiopia caused 34 deaths and made 79,000 people homeless.

INDIA (cyclone) A cyclone affected the states of Orissa and West Bengal on Friday of last week. Media sources have reported that as many as 3,000 people died as a result of flooding associated with the storm., however official estimates of deaths in the state of Orissa put the death toll at 1,381. 751 of these deaths occurred in Orissa's Jagatsinghpur district. 15 million people in Orissa were believed to be affected, and it was estimated that 7.5 million were stranded by floodwaters. Many homes were believed destroyed and there were numerous reports of damage to roads, bridges, and utilities. Severe weather, which continued over the weekend after the storm, hampered immediate relief efforts. The Hindustan Times reported that food and water riots broke out in the state of Orissa earlier in the week as supplies became scarce.

MAURITIUS (drought) The reportedly worst drought in 95 years has caused Central Water Authority of Mauritius to ration water. According to the AP, the capital will have access to water for six hours each day. The surrounding countryside will have access to water one hour each day.

VIETNAM (flood) Reuters reported that flooding in seven provinces has resulted in 300 deaths. Initial estimates report property damage as $11.5 million. Various media sources also noted damage to roads and bridges and mentioned concern surrounding the spread disease and diarrhea.

Impacts Reported as of 11/06/99- 11/14/99

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (flood) It was reported that, due to flooding, a vaccination campaign against polio in the Central African Republic could be delayed a couple weeks in two administrative districts.

CAMBODIA (flood) According to OCHA rains in October and early November caused flooding in the provinces of Takeo, Kandal, Kampong Speu, Phnom Penh Municipality and Pursat. It was reported that 3,561 homes were damaged, 21,334 families affected, and 9,900 ha of paddy affected. The IFRC noted that road and communication had been disrupted.

COLOMBIA (tidal surge) Reuters reported that a tidal surge, caused by a storm, destroyed 220 homes in a village in southern Colombia. The surge also resulted in three deaths.

FRANCE (storm) Storms in southwestern France have resulted in 27 fatalities and five injured persons mainly due to flooding.

GREECE (flood) The AP reported that heavy rains caused flooding in southern Greece that resulted in two fatalities. Many houses were also reported as damaged and several rivers were overflowing.

HONDURAS (rain) Reuters reported that heavy rains have caused another 3,000 people to be evacuated.

INDIA (cyclone) -update The AP reported that the cyclone, which primarily affected the state of Orissa, washed industrial chemicals into bathing ponds and, according to relief workers, thousands of people have suffered burns. The chemicals, in addition to saline, have helped to preserve the bodies of the some 9,400 reported fatalities caused by the cyclone and associated flooding. 8,119 of the fatalities are have reportedly come from the Jagatsinghpur district. OCHA reported that the cyclone had severely affected 1,977 villages in 10 districts. The Hindustan Times reported that flooding caused by the cyclone in India has left livestock experiencing food and water shortages. It also noted that losses of livestock and domestic animals included 8,238 buffaloes, 78,104 sheep, 78,728 goats, 10,381 calves, and nearly one million broiler chickens.

KENYA (hail) Reuters reported that recent hail over parts the Kericho region has, along with poor weather throughout the year, had adverse effects on tea production.

NIGERIA (flood) Wire services reported that flooding in Nigeria's southern oil region has left thousands homeless.

PHILIPPINES (tropical storm Frankie) Tropical storm Frankie affected the Leyte and Samar provinces on Monday. No causalities were reported, however Reuters noted that rice paddies had been inundated.

TANZANIA (drought) The AP quoted a government official as saying drought this year had killed the normal prey of lions and leopards. As a result the large cats have killed 21 people.

VIETNAM (flood)-update According to OCHA, flooding associated with storm number 9 (Eve) caused rivers to overflow in the provinces of Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Da Nang, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Binh Dinh and Phu Yen. Thua Thien Hue is believed to be the worst affected. The flooding has reportedly caused 535 deaths, destroyed 8,346 houses, damaged 604,204 houses, damaged 63,726 ha of paddy, damaged 30,985 ha of other crops, damaged 267 km of road, and stranded some 11 villages.

Impacts Reported as of 11/15/99- 11/19/99

ALBANIA (drought) Drought in northern Albania has reportedly caused several brown and blackouts throughout the entire country, as hydropower along the Drin river is unable to meet energy demands.

BRAZIL (drought) Reuters reported that Ipanema, a major coffee producer, expected coffee production in 2000/2001 to be reduced by 33 to 42 percent due to an ongoing drought.

NEW ZEALAND (flood) Reuters reported that up to 350 people were evacuated from the country's South Island after three days of heavy rain caused the Clutha River to swell.

UNITED STATES (fire) Forest fires and hotspots were noted in the southeastern United States. Images available at: Media sources noted that Governor Cecil Underwood of West Virginia requested the activation of up to 85 National Guard members to help fight forest fires throughout southern parts of the state.

VIRGIN ISLANDS-Caribbean News wires reported infrastructure damage throughout the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. A total of 4 deaths were reported so far with another two people still missing. The HOVENSA refinery on St. Croix reported very minimal damage, and on St. Lucia, 40 houses were reported as destroyed.

RWANDA (drought) OCHA noted that according to the Government of Rwanda, drought has affected 178,909 people in the following six prefectures: Umutara (40,816), Kibungo (16,327), Kigali rural (20,408), Gitarama (54,420), Butare (40,816) and Gikongoro (6,122).

UNITED STATES (hurricane Floyd)-update The SHNS noted that, according to the North Carolina agriculture extension service, when hurricane Floyd struck North Carolina in September, 752,970 turkeys died.

VIETNAM (flood, disease)-update Reuters reported that the Tuoi Tre newspaper stated areas hit by flooding two weeks ago were now experiencing disease "outbreaks" in five of the eight affected provinces. The Tuoi Tre reported 9,862 people with eye infections, 9,347 cases of diarrhea, 1,096 cases of dysentery, and 16,460 cases of the flu. As reported by USAID, the Government of Vietnam has reported the following losses associated with the flooding that occurred in the first half of November: 622 deaths, 70 missing persons, 470,493 households affected, 41,846 homes destroyed, 870,000 homes damaged, 94,000 classrooms destroyed, 510 clinics damaged, 66,308 hectares of rice fields and 30,700 hectares of other farmland inundated with water, 205,000 metric tons (MT) of food lost, 3,117 hectares of shrimp and fish farms destroyed, 1,470 bridges destroyed, and 25,000 cattle killed.

Impacts Reported as of 11/20/99- 11/25/99

EUROPE (snow) Heavy snow fell in parts of Europe on Tuesday. In Poland roads were blocked and electricity interrupted. The Ukraine also experienced electricity problems as a result of the snow. It was also reported that snowfall in parts of Spain. In France people were temporarily trapped on the A7 highway in the Rhone Valley.

ST. CROIX (hurricane Lenny) Reuters reported that according to officials in St. Croix, hurricane Lenny caused $31.5 million USD worth of damage. Roughly $23 million of the cost was beach erosion.

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