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RAPID RESPONSE PROJECT: June 1999 - Last Updated July 8th, 1999


(Courtesy of NOAA Office of Global Programs)

*The information provided in the RRP updates is gathered from a variety of wire and news sources as well as country and international agency reports. It does not necessarily reflect the focus or interest of NOAA's Office of Global Programs and is meant only as source of condensed information.

** All products of the RRP are archived at: Rapid Response Project

RAPID RESPONSE PROJECT: The summaries are broken down into weekly reports.

Impacts Reported as of 05/31/99- 06/06/99

ETHIOPIA (food situation) The BBC reported that persisting dry conditions have reduced food production this season in Ethiopia. The most affected regions are in the northwestern parts of the country. The BBC also noted that the Ethiopian Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Commission said that people from the central mountains of Wollo were already migrating in search of food.

FRANCE (hailstorm) A hailstorm hitting Paris resulted in three deaths.

IRAN (drought) Severe water shortages have caused government officials in the city of Tehran to ration water. Police are enforcing the policy. 57 other cities throughout Iran are expected to face water shortages.

JORDAN (drought) The FAO noted the current drought is the worst in 40 years, and that rainfall is only 30% of normal. The drought has reduced the cereal harvest to 13,000 tonnes. Current cereal production will only cover 0.6 percent of the country's needs this year -- normally 10 percent is covered. Vegetable harvests are down 23 percent, and red meat and milk production is 40 percent below normal.

PAKISTAN (cyclone) The cyclone affecting southern Pakistan on May 20 most severely affected Thatta and Badin regions. Damages incurred by the two areas, as reported by OCHA, is: 168 people dead; 597,482 people affected; 63,008 houses damaged; 44,149 houses destroyed; 5,243 villages affected; 400,977 acres of cropland affected; 6,718 cattle dead.

PERU (flooding) Heavy rains and associated flooding in the Department of Loreto in northern Peru have affected 100,000 people. 10,000 houses have been damaged.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon Maggie) Typhoon Maggie resulted in two reported deaths and stranded thousands as government officials prevented movement or operation of ferries.

RUSSIA (storms) Storms across central Russia have claimed four lives. During one storm 322 towns were without power.

UNITED STATES (fire) Lightning sparked fires in the Joshua Tree National Park. 13,900 acres reportedly burned.

UNITED STATES (tornado) A tornado affecting a reservation in South Dakota left 20 people unaccounted for as of June 5.

Impacts Reported as of 06/07/99- 06/12/99

CHINA (typhoon Maggie) Typhoon Maggie resulted in brought some flooding rains to portions of southeast China in the southern province of Guangdong with two deaths and preliminary damages were reported at $76.1 million USD. The most severely affected city was reportedly Shanwei.

HAITI (flooding) Several days of heavy rain resulted in 13 flood related deaths. 10 houses were also reportedly destroyed.

IRAN (flooding) Flooding in the Iran province of Khorassan resulted in two fatalities. Five apartment buildings were reportedly destroyed while another forty were damaged.

MEXICO (drought) Dams that supply the Yaqui Valley with irrigation water are reportedly down to 16 percent of normal capacity. The summer planting season has been cancelled this year in many of the drought-affected regions of northern Mexico. The GOM has declared ten of its states disaster areas as a result of the drought.

PHILIPPINES (typhoon Maggie) Typhoon Maggie, the first of the season to affect the Philippines, resulted in three deaths after affecting the country's northern provinces on June 6. Minor flooding was reported.

TAIWAN (typhoon Maggie) Typhoon Maggie resulted in one death and five injuries after the storm passed over on Saturday and Sunday. The typhoon caused serious damage to agriculture in the southern parts of the country. Damage to crops was estimated at 4.8 million USD, but was also expected to rise.

UNITED STATES (heatwave) Unseasonably warm weather in the eastern United States left several power companies scrambling to meet energy demands. Governors of several eastern states reportedly sent government workers home and urged general public conservation of electricity. Only one heat related death was reported.

UNITED STATES (California) An unusually cool spring in parts of California has reportedly delayed the spring fruit harvest.

UNITED STATES (flooding) Heavy rainfall earlier in the week resulted in flooding in parts of Florida. Some people were stranded or temporarily displaced, but damage was minimal. The most affected area was reportedly Broward County.

MEXICO (flooding, hail) Flooding and hail in parts of central and southern Mexico temporarily displaced some 1,200 people. At least 200 houses were reportedly damaged. Northern states in Mexico are still suffering drought.

MOLDOVA (flooding) Melting snow in February and March, as well as rainfall, has resulted in flooding and landslides in Moldova. Landslides reportedly occurred over 970 hectares that affected 87 villages and 11 towns. According to OCHA, the most affected areas were Ungheni, Nisporeni, and Calarashi. Losses are estimated to be at least 1.5 million USD. 95 houses were destroyed while another couple hundred were damaged.

Impacts Reported as of 06/21/99- 06/25/99

MEXICO (hurricane) Hurricane Adrian affected the central Pacific coast of Mexico over the weekend. Six deaths have been reported.

AFGHANISTAN (fire) Uncontrolled fires in Afghanistan have burned five hectares. On June 17 the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan appealed for international help to contain the fire. The most affected region is reportedly the Dara Pech valley.

BANGLADESH (floods) Flooding in southeastern Bangladesh has resulted in 10 deaths and injured some 20 people. 15,000 people have been evacuated from their home.

BRAZIL and Canada (fires) Heat signatures and fire noted in southwestern Brazil and fires and hotspots noted in Canada. Images and details available at: NOAA OSEI WWW Page.

CHINA (flooding) Heavy rainfall in China caused flooding along the Qiangtang River. Several homes and 1,600 acres of farmland were inundated in Lin'an county. A hydroelectric station and shipping operations along the river suspended temporarily suspended activities.

MEXICO (flooding) Heavy rains on Weds. and Thurs. resulted in flooding in the Oaxaca state which caused the Ostuta River to overflow. One death was reported. Other states affected by the flooding were Chiapas, Coahuila, Durango, and Jalisco.

MOLDOVA (storm) Lightning resulted in four deaths and two injuries.

POLAND (floods) Reuters reported that the GOP declared a flood alert for 15 southern regions. Heavy rains have apparently raised the Oder River to alert levels.

ROMANIA (storm) A combination of lightning and flooding related to storm activity caused damage to homes, destroyed many farm animals, damaged salt caves in the Slanic-Prahova Mountain, and reportedly left eight people dead.

SIERRA LEONE (storm) Lightning strikes resulted in thirteen deaths and three injuries.

Impacts Reported as of 06/26/99- 06/30/99

RUSSIA (fire) Reuters reported large peat and forest fires near Moscow. The fires are blamed on the record heat wave, and there is concern the fires will spread should the warm weather continue.

NORTH KOREA (drought) According to the BBC, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea noted that warm and dry conditions over the past month have damaged rice and maize crops. The country has been affected by a sequence of drougts, floods, and storms over the past few years. A special report from the FAO/WFP, released earlier today, provides more details and context.

UNITED STATES (storm, hail) Large hail and storms reportedly injured 24 people in Nebraska and Kansas.

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