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Selected U.S. City
and State Extremes

August 1999

Source NOAA/NWS Forecast Offices and compiled by NCDC. Last Updated 9/07/99

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1. The 105 degree reading at Charleston, SC airport on August 1, 1999 set a new maximum temperature record at the location. The previous record of 104 degrees was set on July 20, 1986. Observations at the airport began in 1941.

2. With a maximum temperature of 100 degrees on August 8, Raleigh-Durham, NC not only reached the triple-digit mark for the 11th time during this calendar year, but it was also the 23rd consecutive day with temperatures reaching/exceeding 90 degrees. The record string of such days (24) occurred from July 14-August 6, 1995. Note: The 23 day string ended with a maximum temperature of 83 degrees on August 9th.

3. Numerous records for unusual heat were set in Alaska in early August. The following records were observed on August 5: Barrow (74 degrees, 2 degrees below the all-time August record of 76 degrees), Umiat (88 degrees, ties all-time station record set on June 21, 1991, previous August record was 84 degrees set in 1977), Deadhorse (81 degrees sets a new August record, previous record was 76 degrees on August 8, 1989), Chandalar Lake (86 degrees sets a new August record and was 1 degree below the all-time record), Chalkytsik (93 degrees [August 4] sets a new August record and was 1 degree below the all-time record), Fort Yukon (88 degrees [August 4] ties the August record [records begin in 1899]), Circle City (88 degrees ties the August record set in 1978). Additional records set on August 6th include Chalkytsik (94 degrees sets a new August record and ties the all-time record), Circle City (91 degrees sets a new August record and was 1 degree below the all-time record), Fort Yukon (88 degrees ties the August record for the second day in a row).

4. Augusta, GA tied a daily maximum temperature record with 103 degrees on August 13th. That was the 6th consecutive day when the maximum temperature record was either tied or exceeded at Augusta.

5. Raleigh-Durham’s record high temperature of 99 degrees on August 13th was the 23rd daily high temperature record to be either tied or established in 1999.

6. At Eldorado, AR, the 108 degree reading on August 19th was their 5th hottest day on record. Their all time record for heat is 112 degrees observed on August 10, 1936.

7. The maximum temperature of 99 degrees at Dallas, TX on August 21st broke their string of 24 consecutive day with temperatures reaching or exceeding 100 degrees. This was the fourth longest string of such conditions. The third longest such run (25 days) occurred in 1952, with the 29 day run just last year in second place. The city’s longest string lasted 42 days, from June 23 to August 3, 1980.

8. Houston, TX experienced a daily record high temperature of 105 degrees on August 20. This was their hottest temperature since 1980. Houston has experienced hotter temperatures on only three occasions, twice in 1980 and once in 1962. Their all time record high temperature is 107 degrees set on August 23, 1980.

9. The 111 degree reading at Phoenix, AZ on August 22nn tied a record for the date. However, this is only the 4th time this year that the temperature reached or exceeded 110 degrees. The yearly average is 10 occurrences, with the fewest.. 1911 and the most.. 28.. in 1979.

10. Burns, OR observed a minimum temperature of 24 degrees on August 31. This tied the monthly low temperature record set on August 24, 1992.

11. At Pendleton, OR, the high temperature of 58 degrees on August 30 not only broke the previous record low maximum temperature (68 degrees) for the date, but it was also 3 degrees colder than the existing record for the entire month of August which was 61 degrees on August 26, 1908 and August 13, 1956.

12. The 45 degree reading at Eureka, CA on August 31 tied the daily record and was the second coldest reading ever for the month of August.

13. Cold Bay, AK experienced its coldest August temperature with 32 degrees on the 28th. The previous August record minimum temperature was 33 degrees set in 1946. In addition, August 1999 was the 9th consecutive month with average temperatures below normal.

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1. Colorado Springs, CO set a station record for a 24-hour precipitation amount when 4.21" of rain fell on August 4-5, 1999. The previous station record was 3.73" set on August 1-2, 1976.

2. A new daily precipitation record for August 4 at Eureka, Ca was set when .07" of drizzle fell, breaking the old record of .06" set in 1943.

3. Bismarck, ND set a new August 24-hour precipitation record when 4.74" fell on August 11-12. The previous August record was 4.64" on August 21-22, 1998.

4. Monday, August 16th was the 37th consecutive day at Dallas, TX without measurable rainfall, which last fell on July 6th.

5. August was a record dry month at Lake Charles, LA and Beaumont, TX, with both locations receiving only a trace of precipitation. The previous driest August at Lake Charles was in 1976 with 0.77" and the previous driest at Beaumont was 0.72" in 1924. Records began at Lake Charles in 1888.

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