Climatology for Southwest Asia

Afghanistan and Iraq

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NOTE: This web page/system is a joint effort of the National Climatic Data Center, the US Air Force (Air Force Combat Climatology Center), and the US Navy. The Navy, Air Force, and NCDC comprise the Federal Climate Complex in Asheville, NC.

Afghanistan is a mountainous country in a dry part of the world which experiences extremes of climate and weather. Winters are cold and snowy, and summers hot and dry. The wet season generally runs from winter through early spring, but the country on the whole is dry, falling within the Desert or Desert Steppe climate classification. Very little snow falls in the lowland deserts of the southwest, but the snow season averages roughly October-April in the mountains and varies considerably with elevation.

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Iraq also experiences its wet season from winter through early spring, with hot, dry summers. Temperatures frequently exceed 100F during late spring and summer afternoons, and will often remain above 80F overnight during the summer. Dew points and humidities are usually quite low, except at times in areas closer to the Persian Gulf where moisture content of the air is greater, and summer heat indices can be extremely high.

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Climate Summaries

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Detailed Surface Climate Summaries
Climates of the World, HCS 6-4 Publication (PDF)
AFCCC 44km (ACMES) Model Output
(NOTE: These data are provided and maintained by the Air Force Combat Climatology Center)

Integrated Surface Hourly Observations CDROM
International Station Meteorological Climate Summary Ver 4.0
Engineering Weather Data
Global Climate Normals 1961 - 1990
Global Upper Air Climatic Atlas

Climate Monitoring
Extreme Weather and Climate Events
Global Climate Monitoring

Climate and Weather Data

Weather and Climate Products from Climate Prediction Center
Global Summary of Day (GSOD) Daily Data
Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN) Monthly Data
Monthly Climatic Data for the World Publication
Hourly Data from DATSAV3 and ISH --- station list
Integrated Surface Hourly Observations CDROM
The Integrated Global Radiosonde Archive (IGRA)

Satellite Data

Time Series of Global Monthly Vegetation Cover from NOAA/AVHRR CD-ROM

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NCDC Climate Resources
NCDC Satellite Resources
NNDC Climate Data Online (for long-term climate data)
NESDIS/NCDC International Hazard
NOAA Office of Global Programs (OGP) Rapid Response Project WWW Site
NOAA OSEI Satellite Images
Air Force Combat Climatology Center
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