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Welcome to the National Climatic Data Center website. The Center has long served the Nation as a national resource for climate information. NCDC's data is used to address issues that span the breadth of this Nation's interests. As climate knows no boundaries, we work closely with scientists and researchers world-wide.

We develop both national and global data sets that have been used by both government and the private sector to maximize the resource provided by our climate and minimize the risks of climate variability and weather extremes. The Center has a statutory mission to describe the climate of the United States and NCDC acts as the Nation's Scorekeeper regarding the trends and anomalies of weather and climate. NCDC's climate data have been used in a variety of applications including agriculture, air quality, construction, education, energy, engineering, forestry, health, insurance, landscape design, livestock management, manufacturing, recreation and tourism, retailing, transportation, and water resources management among other areas. Our data and products fulfill needs ranging from building codes to power plant and space shuttle design. Our Nation's climate data are critical to our modern lifestyles.

Please use the feedback page or send email to to send your comments about this web site to the NCDC Webmaster. If you have questions about where you can find or obtain data, please address those to or see our Contact Page to contact us by mail or phone.