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USCRN Station Struck By Deadly Storm

July 24, 2014, radar reflectivity map of the deadly storm the struck the Cape Charles, VA, USCRN station

July 24, 2014, radar reflectivity map of the deadly storm that struck the Cape Charles, VA, U.S. Climate Reference Network station

On the morning of July 24, a severe thunderstorm moved along the Chesapeake Bay and Cape Charles, Virginia, shore. The storm produced a deadly EF-1 tornado, which made landfall at the Cherrystone Family Camping & RV Resort, killing 2 and injuring 36. Nearly five miles east of the campground, the storm directly hit the Cape Charles U.S. Climate Reference Network (USCRN) station, damaging one of its sensors used to monitor atmospheric wetness. The storm produced 30 mph sustained winds and 50 mph 10-second gusts at the USCRN station along with record-breaking precipitation rates.

More details on this deadly storm and the record precipitation are available from NCDC’s USCRN Program.