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Station: UT Beaver 15 E FS, Fishlake National Forest (Big Flat Ranger Station)
Event Type: Maintenance - Annual (Completed)
Event Date: Fri Jul 27 21:00:00 UTC 2012
Notes: null
EventId: 5356
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Temperature Sensor[1]
Serial Number: 97 1269
C0: -244.20 -243.92
C1: .23282 .23275
C2: 1.1349e-5 1.1145e-5
Primary Rain Gauge
Date Emptied: NA 20120727
Date Antifreeze Added: 20110922 20120727
OS Version Number: std 22 std 24
Downloaded Data Coverage Begin Date: NA 20110923
Downloaded Data Coverage End Date: NA 20120727