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Station: TX Muleshoe 19 S Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge (Headquarters Site)
Event Type: Maintenance - Annual (Completed)
Event Date: Fri Apr 07 20:00:00 UTC 2006
Notes: null
EventId: 490
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Temperature Sensor[2]
Serial Number: 129 311
C0: -244.363 -243.769
C1: 233.253 232.767
C2: 11.1177 11.0076
Wind Speed
Serial Number: A4816 A3854
C1: .084284 .0838
Primary Rain Gauge
C0: -1057.5 -1046.2
C1: 1.7376e-2 1.6764e-2
C2: 9.1354e-6 8.7751e-6
C0: -1057.6 -1034.4
C1: 1.6702e-2 1.6828e-2
C2: 9.2067e-6 9.5997e-6
C0: -1045.6 -1044.1
C1: 1.7067e-2 1.7059e-2
C2: 9.3381e-6 9.3967e-6
Date Emptied: NA NA
Date Antifreeze Added: NA NA
Secondary Rain Gauge
Date Emptied: NA NA
Solar Radiation
Serial Number: 011081 042748
C0: -4.8629 -.08661
C1: 13.6362 12.79527
Serial Number: 3786 3784
Program Version Number: 1.201 1.301
Downloaded Data Coverage Begin Date: NA NA
Downloaded Data Coverage End Date: NA NA