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Station: KY Versailles 3 NNW University of Kentucky (Woodford County Site)
Event Type: Maintenance - Annual (Completed)
Event Date: Fri May 07 00:00:00 UTC 2004
Notes: null
EventId: 288
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Temperature Sensor[1]
Serial Number: 139 42
C0: -244.353 -244.402
C1: 232.909 233.296
C2: 11.3184 11.0262
Wind Speed
Serial Number: A3442 A4049
Calibration Formula: WS(m/s)=C0+C1*(counts in 2 sec) WS(m/s)=C0+C1*(counts in 10 sec)
C0: 0.235769 .2137
C1: 0.422506 .084432
Primary Rain Gauge
C0: -1029.9 -1045.4
C1: 1.6783e-2 1.6137e-2
C2: 9.2186e-6 9.2297e-6
Serial Number: 19702 19602
C0: -1030.7 -1023.8
C1: 1.5935e-2 1.6533e-2
C2: 9.3946e-6 9.1624e-6
Serial Number: 19602 19702
C0: -1031.5 -1032.3
C1: 1.6122e-2 1.6340e-2
C2: 9.1281e-6 9.3093e-6
Secondary Rain Gauge
Manufacturer: null Hydrological Services America
Model: null TB3
Serial Number: null 03-548
Solar Radiation
Serial Number: 011268 021594
C0: -2.8180 -10.2457
C1: 11.8250 13.2818
Serial Number: 3752 3767
Program Version Number: 1.001 1.201
OS Version Number: NA 1.18
GOES Transmitter
Serial Number: 15846 15742
Software EPROM Version: v2_2 v3.2.2C
Aspirated Shield[1]
Serial Number: A5043 A3921
Aspirated Shield[2]
Serial Number: A5051 A5032
Aspirated Shield[3]
Serial Number: A6057 A5034