Extremes in U.S. Climate

The United States is a large and diverse land mass with widely varying climate conditions. Local climates are affected by factors that include topography, elevation, proximity to oceans, lakes, and rivers, and latitude. The unique climate conditions of different areas of the country are reflected in the following top 10 lists. These lists are based on data from the nation's major observing stations in all 48 states and reflect 30-year averages of temperature, wind, snowfall, rainfall, and humidity. These tables last updated on January 16, 2008.

Station Name Mean Temperature
Key West, FL 78.1°F
Miami, FL 76.7°F
Yuma, AZ 75.3°F
West Palm Beach, FL 75.3°F
Fort Wayne, FL 74.9°F
Phoenix, AZ 74.2°F
Brownsville, TX 73.3°F
Vero Beach, FL 73.2°F
Tampa, FL 73.1°F
Orlando, FL 72.8°F
Station Name Mean Temperature
Mount Washington, NH 27.2°F
International Falls, MN 37.4°F
Marquette, MI 38.7°F
Duluth, MN 39.1°F
Caribou, ME 39.2°F
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 40.1°F
Grand Forks, ND 40.3°F
Alamosa, CO 40.8°F
Williston, ND 40.9°F
Fargo, ND 41.5°F
Station Name Precipitation
Yuma, AZ 3.01"
Las Vegas, NV 4.49"
Bishop, CA 5.02"
Bakersfield, CA 6.49"
Alamosa, CO 7.25"
Reno, NV 7.48"
Winslow, AZ 8.03"
Yakima, WA 8.26"
Phoenix, AZ 8.29"
Winnemucca, NV 8.33"
Station Name Precipitation
Mount Washington, NH 101.91"
Quillayute, WA 101.72"
Astoria, OR 67.13"
Mobile, AL 66.29"
Pensacola, FL 64.28"
New Orleans, LA 64.16"
Tallahassee, FL 63.21"
Baton Rouge, LA 63.08"
West Palm Beach, FL 61.39"
Port Arthur, TX 59.89"
Station Name Mean Wind Speed
Mount Washington, NH 35.1 mph
Blue Hill, MA 15.2 mph
Dodge City, KS 13.9 mph
Amarillo, TX 13.5 mph
Cheyenne, WY 12.9 mph
Rochester, MN 12.8 mph
Casper, WY 12.7 mph
Goodland, KS 12.5 mph
Great Falls, MT 12.5 mph
Boston, MA 12.4 mph
Station Name Snowfall
Mount Washington, NH 260.6"
Blue Cayon, CA 240.3"
Marquette, MI 144.1"
Syracuse, NY 118.1"
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 117.4"
Caribou, ME 112.3"
Mount Shasta, CA 104.9"
Flagstaff, AZ 100.6"
Lander, WY 100.1"
Sexton Summit, OR 97.8"
Station Name Possibility of Sunshine
Yuma, AZ 90%
Redding, CA 88%
Tucson, AZ 85%
Phoenix, AZ 85%
Las Vegas, NV 85%
El Paso, TX 84%
Reno, NV 79%
Fresno, CA 79%
Flagstaff, AZ 78%
Sacramento, CA 78%
Station Name Cloudy Days
Mount Washington, NH 244
Astoria, OR 239
Quillayute, WA 239
Olympia, WA 228
Seattle Sea-Tac AP, WA 226
Portland, OR 222
Kalispell, MT 214
Binghamton, NY 212
Elkins, WV 212
Beckley, WV 210
Most Humid
Station Name Relative Humidity
Quillayute, WA 83.5%
Mount Washington, NH 83.0%
Astoria, OR 81.0%
Port Arthur, TX 80.0%
Lake Charles, LA 79.5%
Corpus Christi, TX 78.5%
Victoria, TX 78.5%
Brownsville, TX 78.0%
Houston, TX 78.0%
Olympia, WA 78.0%
Least Humid
Station Name Relative Humidity
Yuma, AZ 22.5%
Las Vegas, NV 30.0%
Phoenix, AZ 36.0%
Tucson, AZ 38.5%
Bishop, CA 38.5%
El Paso, TX 41.5%
Albuquerque, NM 43.5%
Winslow, AZ 44.5%
Mount Shasta, CA 47.0%
Grand Junction, CO 48.5%
Most Frequent Rain and Snow
Station Name Days with Precip
Mount Washington, NH 204
Quillayute, WA 202
Astoria, OR 188
Syracuse, NY 166
Elkins, WV 164
Buffalo, NY 162
Sault Ste. Marie, MI 160
Marquette, MI 159
Erie, PA 156
Olympia, WA 156
Least Frequent Rain and Snow
Station Name Days with Precip
Yuma, AZ 16
Las Vegas, NV 20
Bishop, CA 22
Phoenix, AZ 28
Santa Barbara, CA 30
Long Beach, CA 33
Los Angeles AP, CA 33
Los Angeles C.O., CA 34
Bakersfield, CA 35
San Diego, CA 38