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NCDC provides access to several software packages for use on an "as-is" basis. We cannot provide any support nor can we guarantee the software's performance. We encourage authors of any software of interest to the paleoclimatology community to contribute their software for distribution on this page.

Obtaining Data at the World Data Center

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Contributing Data

Investigators who wish to contribute their data or software to our archive can find information on contributing below. Data and study description information can be contributed by emailing your data to

General Information on Contributing Data and Software

Other Data Archives

Additional sources outside of NCDC for paleoclimatology software.

    Code for estimating difference in location and scale between two climate data samples
  • AnalySeries
    Time series analysis tool for Macintosh operating system
    Software for detecting extremes against a time-dependent background in climate and weather time series
  • Coral X-radiograph Densitometry System
    A tool for measurement of linear extension, density, and calcification from coral X-radiographs
  • Educational Global Climate Modeling (EdGCM)
    A research-grade Global Climate Model that can be run on a desktop computer
  • PearsonT
    Code for calculating the Pearson’s correlation coefficient between two climate time series
    Code for quantifying a climate transition using a nonlinear regression and a search for a global optimum
  • Singular Spectrum Analysis Toolkit
    Software program to analyze short, noisy time series and multivariate data to perform singular-spectrum analysis
    Code to fit an AR(1) model to unevenly spaced climate time series with bootstrap confidence interval
  • A Practical Guide to Wavelet Analysis
    Code for performing wavelet analysis on time series data, including significance and confidence testing