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          Mammoth image                       Neotoma cinerea, the bushy-tailed woodrat sitting on den

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Fauna Projects

  • The Sahara in the Holocene and List of Samples
    A project to create a paleogeographical map summarizing Holocene radiocarbon samples from the Sahara region.
  • Faunmap
    An electronic database documenting the late Quaternary distribution of mammal species in the United States. It has been developed at the Illinois State Museum with support from the National Science Foundation (BSR-9005144). This project is codirected by Dr. Russell W. Graham of the Pennsylvania State University's Earth and Mineral Sciences Museum and Dr. Ernest L. Lundelius, Jr. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Contributing Data                             

Investigators who wish to contribute their data to our paleoclimatology archive can find information on contributing below. Data and study description information can be contributed by emailing your data to