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Archiving your Data at NCEI

Follow these steps to have your data archived at NCEI.

The goal of data archival is to preserve the data and associated information for future users so they can fully understand and use the data independent of the original data producer. To accomplish this goal, the expert knowledge of the data provider must be acquired and preserved with the data. As the steward of the nation's global climate and weather-related data and information, NCEI uses a well-defined archival process as shown in the diagram.

Getting Started

  1. Create an account or log in with an existing account in the Advanced Tracking and Resource Tool for Archive Collections (ATRAC) system.
  2. Complete the Project Registration form. Upon registering a new Archive Project, you can access the Request to Archive form under “Project Documents.”
  3. Fill out the Request to Archive form. This form must be filled out as completely as possible to help us determine if your data meets our criteria for Archival.
  4. Once we have your completed request form, an Archive Representative will contact you. 

For more information on NCEI's archival process, please contact the Archive at