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If you would like information for an instrument or equipment for which we do not yet have digital documentation, please contact the USCRN Science/Technical Contact.

Top of Page Site Hardware

Battery Enclosure
  • East Penn Manufacturing Co., Inc. Battery Model DEKA Unigy I
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  • Specialty Concepts Inc. Low Voltage Disconnect Battery Saver Model BS1
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  • Tripp Lite Surge Suppressor Model Isotel 4 Ultra
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  • Statpower Battery Charger Model TrueCharge 10
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Tower & Components
  • Hollaender Tower Fittings
  • Climatronics Corporation Tower Model C-33HD Bottom Section with B-18 Base
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Data Acquisition
  • Campbell Scientific Inc. Data Logger Model CR23X
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  • Campbell Scientific Inc. Datalogger Battery and Charger
  • Campbell Scientific Inc. Datalogger Enclosure

Data Transmission
  • Seimac Limited GOES Transmitter (dist. by Campbell Scientific) Model SAT HDR GOES
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Top of Page Calibration Hardware

Air Temperature Calibration
  • Calibration Fluid
  • Hart Thermometer Readout Model 1502A
  • Hart Secondary Reference Temperature Standard Probe Model 5612
  • Hart Metrology Bath Model 7380

Anemometer Calibration

IR Temperature Calibration
  • Hart Scientific Portable Infrared Calibrator Model 9133

Solar Radiation Calibration
  • Eppley Spectral Pyranometer Model PSP

Data Logger Calibration
  • Agilent Multimeter Model 34401A
  • Altek Frequency Calibrator with Totalizer Model 942

Top of Page Sensors

Air Temperature
  • Thermometrics Corporation Platinum Resistance Thermometer
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  • Met One Instruments Fan Aspirated Shield Model 076B
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  • Papst Fan Model Series 4200

IR Temperature
  • Precision Infrared Thermocouple Transducer Model IRTS-P
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  • Geonor Precipitation Gauge Model T-200B
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  • Heater System for Geonor Precipitation Gauge
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  • Hydrological Services Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Model TB-3
  • Hydrological Services Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Heater Model TBH1

Soil Climate Observations
  • Stevens Hydra Probe II Soil Sensor Model SDI-12
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Solar Radiation
  • Kipp & Zonen Silicon Pyranometer SP Lite
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Wind Speed
  • Met One Instruments Wind Speed Sensor Model 014A
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