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Bondville Environmental and Atmospheric Research Site Test Facility Long-Term Plans


  1. Determine the suitability/performance of the Eco Harmony, TB3, as the secondary precipitation gauge for the USCRN instrument suite configuration.
  2. Establish transfer functions/bias coefficients between the Geonor and the TB3 gauges.
  3. Evaluate the performance of measured values when multiple temperature probes and a combination of a temperature and RH sensors are installed in an aspirated shield as compared to one sensor in an aspirated shield.
  4. Establish proper solar power configuration to support a typical USCRN suite configuration.
  5. Gather and analyze data and information on instrument performance, reliability, and maintenance.
  6. Conduct longer-term various other applied science and research activities in support of USCRN research objectives, as well as the final engineering evaluation process.

Principal Investigators:

Tilden Meyers - Atmospheric Turbulence and Diffusion Division, Oak Ridge, TN (NESDIS/OAR/ARL/ATDD)
Bruce Baker - National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC (NESDIS/NCDC)



rtf document  Science and Engineering Plan