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Many of the LCD publication before 1996 do not have a specific station name that automatically is associated with a WBAN. The only way to correct this is through a manual validation process. NCDC is working on this issue. As these documents are updated, they will automaticlly appear within the Serial Publication online system.

If the name for a station / WBAN has changed over time, only the most recent station name will be displayed within Serial Publication. For example, let's say that WBAN 03812 was Asheville Airport from 1950 to 1978, then Asheville Regional Airport in 1979 to 1995 and currently is just Asheville. Serial Publications will only show Asheville for the entire period of record from 1950 until today.


A monthly summary from major airport weather stations that includes a daily account of temperature extremes, degree days, precipitation and winds. Also included are the hourly precipitation and abbreviated 3-hourly weather observations.
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Period of Record

In some rare cases, there are gaps in the archives available. Over the years that Local Climatological Data has been produced, there have been changes, improvements, and additions to the monthly publications. Also, the climatic stations available today have not always been available for publication.
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LCD Publication Sample

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This is an example of a modern LCD Publication.

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Your download will include both a link to the publication (in PDF format) along with a link to an ASCII file of text data that may be read into a database or used in a spreadsheet.

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