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Climatological Data Publications

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Changes to this publication may be incorporated as additions and updates are made to the GHCN-Daily dataset.
*These states are combined into a New England publication starting at various timeframes. When you order these individual states, you may receive a New England publication (consisting of the states Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut and Vermont).
**These states are combined into a Maryland/Delaware publication starting at various timeframes. When you order these individual states, you may receive a Maryland/Delaware publication (consisting of Maryland, Delaware and District of Columbia). Note: Washington Dulles and Reagan airports are reported in the Virginia publication.
+These states are combined into a Hawaii/Pacific Islands publication starting at various timeframes. When you order these individual states, you may receive a Hawaii/Pacific Islands publication (consisting of Hawaii and Pacific Islands).
++These states are combined into a Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico publication starting at various timeframes. When you order these individual states, you may receive a Virgin Islands/Puerto Rico publication (consisting of Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico).
+++ These countries are combined for the West Indies publication starting at various time frames. When you order this publication, you will receive data for stations located in Columbia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, French Antilles, Guyane, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Netherlands Antilles, Nicaragua, Suriname, The West Indies and Venezuela.


Monthly editions contain station daily maximum and minimum temperatures and precipitation. Some stations provide daily snowfall, snow depth, evaporation, and soil temperature data. Each issue also contains monthly summaries for heating and cooling degree days (65 degrees Fbase). The July issue also contains monthly heating degree days and snow data for the preceding July through June. The annual issue contains monthly and annual averages of temperature, precipitation, temperature extremes, freeze data, soil temperatures, evaporation, and a recap of monthly cooling degree days.

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Period of Record

Climatological Data has existed in some form since 1890. While this publication does include many locations, it does not include all climatic stations for any given time. In some rare cases, there are gaps in the archives available. Over the years that Climatological Data has been produced, there have been changes, improvements, and additions to the monthly publications. Also, the climatic stations available today have not always been available for publication.

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Sample PDFs

Over the years that Climatological Data has been published, the format of the CD Publication has changed. There are three major formats that you will find when reviewing archived CD Publications: the pre-River Basin years of 1890 to June 1909, the River Basin years July 1909 to 1913, and current CD Publications from 1913 to present day.

Pre- River Basin Year 1890 to June 1909.

  Pre-River Basin CD Publication Sample

These documents vary from state to state in the amount of data. Here is an example of Colorado's Pre-River Basin Years.

It is important to note that not all states have CD Publications during this time period. There are some gaps in the reports that were created. The reported data varies from state to state.

River Basin Year July 1909 to 1913.

  River Basin CD Publication Sample

During the period of July 1909 until the end of 1913, the CD Publications were created for major River Basins such as Mississippi. The information for a state may appear in several River Basin CD Publications. To collect all the information for a state like Colorado, four River Basin publications are needed. The NCDC server will automatically provide customers with all the related River Basin documents. This sample is one of the four publications for Colorado.

Modern CD Publication

  Modern CD Publication Sample

The final sample is an example of the modern CD Publication.

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Important Notes

Beginning with the May 2000 issue, these publications now include graphs that depict the monthly data visually. Because of this fact, the size of this publication from May 2000 forward may be over 2 megabytes.

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